Friday, July 11th 2014

MSI Announces Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse

Its second gaming mouse since the Gaming Series W8, the MSI Interceptor DS100 dons red and black to offer a mouse that truly blends with your other MSI Gaming hardware, motherboards, graphics cards, and gaming notebooks. The DS100 features an ambidextrous design that offers surface area and contours for both palm and claw grips.

The DS100 offers 8 programmable buttons, including on-the-fly resolution adjustment buttons on the top, which lets you tune its resolution from 100 to 3,500 dpi. Its frame-rate is as high as 6,600 FPS, tracking speed of 30 IPS, and acceleration of 9 g. The mouse features a rubberized matte body, with red LED lighting for the Gaming logo, and the resolution buttons. Measuring 117 mm x 62.6 mm x 37.3 mm, it weighs 135 g without additional weights.
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1 Comment on MSI Announces Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse

TPU addict
ambidextrous what a load of BOLLOCKS.. I guess they accidentally thought left handed people did not require the buttons on the other side..

I guess that be another $25+ to have those. although it's pretty cheap as is but mayas well be shaped for a right handed person to me.
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