Monday, August 11th 2014

BIOSTAR Preparing To Launch New "Hi-Fi Mainboard"

BIOSTAR is getting ready for the launch of a new Hi-Fi series motherboard, with a brand new outlook design, cutting-edge features and innovative durability enhancements. The board, based on the Intel Z97 chipset will come with key features and BIOSTAR's exclusive Hi-Fi Audio technology.

BIOSTAR's in-house technology will be evident with features such as Hi-Fi technology, Golden Plated Audio Connectors, 8 Phase Power Design and Super Conductive Heat sinks.
In addition, the board will feature new BIOSTAR innovations that improve durability and stability such as Super Rapid Debug3, Super Durable Box Headers, Super Durable Solid Capacitors and Super Durable Ferrite Chokes.
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4 Comments on BIOSTAR Preparing To Launch New "Hi-Fi Mainboard"

TPU addict
Super! HA.
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Farmer Boe
Looks like Biostar ripped off the new Asus design almost exactly. The shame! Where is the classic Biostar blue?
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Is it just me or does it look like an MSI board and Asus board did the fusion dance and this is what happened?

Reminds me of the color scheme of a Z97-A from Asus and the Heatsinks of the MSI Gaming board.
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Yeah, this looks like an ASUS series Z97 ripoff,.....
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