Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

X2 to Release the CUBE MAX Micro ATX PC Chassis

X2 Products will soon be rolling out a new, all-aluminum PC case, a model called CUBE MAX that offers support for micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards. This chassis measures 222 x 278 x 258 mm, it weighs just 1.63 kg and has two front-facing USB 3.0 ports, two internal drive bays (that can house either two 3.5-inch or three 2.5-inch drives), four PCI slots and one 120 mm fan found on the top panel.

The CUBE MAX is backed by a two-year warranty and has a MSRP of $69.95/52.95 Euro (VAT not included).
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4 Comments on X2 to Release the CUBE MAX Micro ATX PC Chassis

Gaming Moderator
Nice serial and parallel on that motherboard, talk about showing off your case with bland hardware!
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PSU is rotated in wrong direction. Had to do the same in TT Lanbox that i had. Why is its fan cramped there to the side when it could help suck the heat out of the case from the CPU and gfx card as well? Otherwise cool case, because it's small and plain looking, so you can stick it in the living room and it won't stand out.
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why theres no manufacture that move that psu to the left behind motherboard. it would create better cable layout and airflow
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How stupid can they be to place the psu in that side. The other side they could open vents for the CPU and mobo
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