Monday, April 20th 2015

EASARS Launches Four Gaming Headsets for the Global Market

EASARS, a global leading E-sports peripherals supplier is announcing four new gaming headsets for the global market, the Tornado, the Sparkle, the Trap, and the Vortex. EASARS is a German brand with an R&D center in Frankfurt, Germany. The designer's team is led by Soeren Uherek (a former BMW car designer), who boasts rich experience and an ability to grasp current global designing trends.

EASARS is a brand for Gamers. "Key to victory" is the motto that expresses their passion to create smart solutions for gamers who always want more. In today's knowledge-driven world, intelligence is defined by the ability to win. So, through a richer personalized experience, convenience and smart functional solutions, EASARS delivers its customers to their achievements. As a professional e-sports product designer, EASARS supplies superior auditory equipment to accompany gamers to their pinnacles of victory.
Specifically, the acoustics and design of EASARS gaming headsets rely on outstanding design teams and acoustic research institutions from Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. EASARS has cooperated with a number of top suppliers in signal processing, thus leading the way in high quality physical multichannel, and gaming audio products. EASARS also has in-depth cooperation with internationally famous E-sports players to continue the development and design of professional E-sports products and this is the latest result:

The Tornado is a perfectly designed piece of gaming gear, featuring high-quality speakers, providing detail in high, medium, and low frequencies, and having an improved passive noise-reduction function. They are lightweight and come with a self-adjusting headband design for lasting comfort. The Tornado features strengthened virtual 7.1 multichannel technology that makes positioning more accurate and voices clearer, thus making your gaming experience more real. The strong vibration system provides an optimal 4D experience while playing games or watching movies. The cool breathing LED light on the ear cup additionally enhances the gaming effect.

Additionally, the Tornado comes with a full-function controller including sound modes to adjust for the best audio experiences. Specifically, the Tornado headset is equipped with four custom modes giving different sound effects: RPG, FPS, RTS, and Movie.
When immersed in role-playing games, the (RPG) mode provides an excellent sound effect and sound-level optimization, and is suitable for long wear. When playing first person shooter (FPS) games like CF or Battlefield, the precise sound positioning adjoined with the vibrating bass effect enriches the player's auditory perception with a thunderous feeling. When in the real-time strategy (RTS) game mode, the fully detailed acoustics combined with the big screen allows the gamer to ride through the battlefield for longer durations. Lastly, with Movie mode, you are provided a stronger feeling of spaciousness, taking you to a three-dimensional acoustic field to enjoy a cinema-like sound experience.

The Sparkle has an independent sound chip, and provides anti-noise protection with a closed type ear cushion. The stretchable TPE headband with a self-adjusting function of the ear caps insures a comfy fit for long game play. The Sparkle features 50mm HiFi drivers, and adopts Fengyu noise cancelation in-mic, blocking out environmental noise.

The Trap has robust 5.1 surround sound with 8 independent units. There is also the built-in-Germany VIB2 inertia vibrating unit to bring gamer into a more realistic gaming scene. It has a fully functional wire control with LED light. The ergonomic ear cover design is made of a soft protein leather material to provide ear cushioning and excellent sound insulation.

The Vortex brings digital virtual USB 7.1 surround sound gaming. It has cool illuminated LED lights on the ear caps and the light head band is especially comfortable to wear. It also has the built-in-Germany VIB2 inertia vibrating unit to give realistic vibration sensations.
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EASARS? never heard it before
anyway the spec looks nice but the design is too much, i prefer basic design than design from the mars
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E A Sars, Its in the disease
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Not sure if headsets or Transformers cosplay items
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Thermaltake fanboy
items or images number 1, 2 and 3 are pretty awfull.... not even gifted will use them .....
also i have never heard about this brand...
item 4 on list or image 4 on list are decent...
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