Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

AOC Releases a Pair of AMD FreeSync-Ready Gaming Monitors

AOC released a pair of high refresh-rate gaming monitors featuring AMD FreeSync, a technology that synchronizes the the display's refresh-rate to the GPU's output frame-rate, for smooth, stutter-free display output. These include the 24-inch G2460PF, and the 27-inch G2770PF. Both offer full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolutions, and are based on TN-film panels, but offer refresh-rates of up to 144 Hz, and response-time of 1 ms. Both panels offer viewing angles of 170°/160° (H/V); up to 350 cd/m² maximum brightness on the G2460PF, and up to 300 cd/m² on the G2770PF. Display inputs on both, include DisplayPort 1.2a (required for FreeSync), dual-link DVI, and D-Sub (VGA). The G2460PF is expected to be priced around $350 (including taxes), while the G2770PF is expected to go for $450 (including taxes).
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9 Comments on AOC Releases a Pair of AMD FreeSync-Ready Gaming Monitors

Just what everyone wants... 27"s at 1080p :(
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Prices are ridiculous for 1080P TN panels. Seriously?? :)))))
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
nickbaldwin86Just what everyone wants... 27"s at 1080p :(
Depending on yout desk setup they can be very nice.
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AOC must be trying to trick idiots.

Paying premium prices for a cheapo brand with cheap panels...
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Three articles down, and you can see a 24" UHD for $400...
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nickbaldwin86Just what everyone wants... 27"s at 1080p :(
i have a Philips 27" 1080p 60hz 1ms ... totally fine ... 4k is overrated :D
still ... kinda interested into freesync recently ... :roll:nah ... after double checking the price ... nope ... my 190$ current screen is enough ... pfah!
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FrickDepending on yout desk setup they can be very nice.
If your desk is 2m away, then sure...
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Agreed that 27" 1080p is ridicolous but at lleast they are 144hz panel, 4k at 144hz is still far away.

Acer did one but, we all know the image quality from Acer...

Only ASUS ROG announced a monitor with 4K 144hz IPS panel and will not be released in Q4 2015 but sometime in 2016...

Wait wait and wait...
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When AOC has a Q2778VQE 27" 2650x1440 (TFT, w/D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort) for $350, why should we believe AOC can provide crap 1080p for $450... because it is FreeSync?

Sorry there's no way this is any implantation of a "Free" technology. Panel manufactures can't down grade a panel, up the refresh, and slap FreeSync on it and think they can make 30% more! Give me that AOC 1440p with FrySync for $360... that's how we where told the panel manufactures could present the technology into the marketplace, not this BS!
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