Thursday, October 15th 2015

Cherry Announces the Stream 3.0 Keyboard

CHERRY, specialist in computer input devices, announces the STREAM 3.0 and with it the logical development of the extremely successful STREAM XT. To smoothly replace this best-selling keyboard in the manufacturer's broad portfolio, the new model will also be available in a version with the extended T2 keyboard layout, complying with the DIN 2137 specification. Together with features such as its robust design, water resistance, pleasant ergonomics and whisper keystroke, the CHERRY STREAM 3.0 will position itself as a first choice for heavy office use.

This new model from the experts in peripherals succeeds the currently best-selling keyboard from their own portfolio: the STREAM 3.0 replaces its successful XT-predecessor. The differences lie mainly in the details. While the keycaps of the STREAM XT were printed, on the STREAM 3.0 they are laser inscribed. Along with ABS plastic coating, this ensures a permanent resistance to abrasion - even in tough everyday office life. The STREAM 3.0 also offers blue status LEDs. In addition to all these great features, the CHERRY STREAM 3.0 offers a timeless design and optimal ease of use. Thanks to an ultra-slim, ergonomic format for fatigue-free work and by short-stroke keys for precise and fast typing with low noise. The STREAM 3.0 is designed as a robust, wired keyboard that offers spill resistance. Beverages and liquids on the desk will not frighten this keyboard.
Alongside a conventional keyboard layout, CHERRY has also equipped its new STREAM 3.0 with an extended T2 keyboard layout, in accordance to the DIN 2137 specification. This enables rapid input of special characters when typing in all Latin-written official languages as well as minority languages such as German and Austrian. This feature is especially crucial for translation agencies, offices, advertising agencies and retailers. Even students in the fields of computer science and languages will benefit from the T2 key assignment, allowing for rare letters and special characters via simple keyboard shortcuts.

To start using this new office keyboard, no need to go through a complicated driver installation: the CHERRY STREAM 3.0 can be connected to PCs through a plug&play USB-connection and is ready for immediate use. For additional ease of use, media playback hotkeys allow to control the volume and other essential functions. Alongside a total of six of these function keys, the standard layout also includes a block of arrow keys and a numeric block.

The CHERRY STREAM 3.0 is available now, in white-gray and black. The recommended retail price is €30. This buys the customer a high-quality office keyboard with GS-approval, the "Blue Angel" environmental certification, and the AGR seal of approval for optimal ergonomics.

For more information, visit the product page.
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I really like the Stream XT keyboard that I have currently. Had to settle with something else once my UltraX got worn out and Stream XT was the closest thing. Apparently they made it even better with this 3.0 version. Love the big ENTER key as well as really nice multimedia keys I can't live without anymore so I can control music player in the background while playing a game or just changing music without the need to open the music player. The flat keyboards are my favorites and I frankly don't mind membrane mechanism, it works really well once you get the hang of it. And for the price of 30€ it's a grind keybaord that you just toss away and buy a new one when it wears out, no regrets.

Btw, Germans a minority? They are the super power in EU lol... XD
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The first mechanical keyboard that has ultra slim profile keys and full RBG lighting, I will instantly buy. :)
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I personally dont like everything being written in italics. Their old keyboards looked nicer
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