Monday, October 26th 2015

Nidec Gentle Typhoon PWM 120 mm Fan Now Available

The legendary Nidec-Servo Gentle Typhoon fans, which DIY liquid cooling enthusiasts swear by, in its new 4-pin PWM version, is now on sale at ModMyMods. Priced at $19.99 a piece, and shipped worldwide, these 120 mm fans offer up to 58.5 CFM of air-flow, with speeds ranging between 550-1,850 RPM, with noise levels no higher than 26 dBA. Among its top features are a unique impeller design that puts out noise of the frequency that blends with typical ambient noise (and is less noticeable), and double vibration-reduction structures that minimize vibration transmitted noise. Grab them from this page.
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8 Comments on Nidec Gentle Typhoon PWM 120 mm Fan Now Available

Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850RPM is best fan ever.
No one didn't made fan capable to spin on almost 1900RPM without noise from half meter distance.a
You only see his spinning, no noise and you feel huge pressure or back of fan.
He really move lot of air compare to anything else and he is effective even on bigger distance.
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Did Gentle Typhoons always had such high price?
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Yes because it is industrial grade, but really the price is worth it.
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Chloe Price
Looks like Christmas came early this year. :toast:
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~Technological Technocrat~
20USD is quite cheap actually. Its a lot cheaper than comparable Noctua fans $20 generally puts it down in the cheaper range of 120mm fans.

I recently paid $30.68 each for two 2150rpm 'Black Edition' GTs.... Now that is pretty expensive
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proper industrial fan is something else in terms of price

for example:

I think 20USD for gentle typhoon is quite cheap for the quality

on the other side you can find this|pcrid|64872701163|pkw||pmt||prd|7511532&gclid=CNXm-_OL4MgCFQsTGwodABsMMw

which seems really nice
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WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
I'm very happy that these fans can be bought again. I'm a huge fan of the GT fans, currently rocking 10 in my main rig, and I'd be happy to buy more for future builds.
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Yeah, when I got my GTs I was pretty impressed by the high density plastic, it has far less give than any other fan I've used.
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