Tuesday, December 12th 2006

Kingmax Releases Latest Version of SuperRAM DDR400

Kingmax released yesterday the latest version of its SuperRAM DDR400. Kingmax's SuperRAM series adheres to standards by using TSOP packaging technology and high-quality IC chips to achieve the high-quality performance required of Kingmax products. The new SuperRAM DDR400 uses deep blue PCB instead of the previous red. In addition, Kingmax has built in into the front side of the SuperRAM DDR400 PCB decoder ASIC IC chip, which uses Kingmax's proprietary TinyBGA packaging technology.Source: Kingmax
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5 Comments on Kingmax Releases Latest Version of SuperRAM DDR400

so what exactly does the decoder chip do?
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Kingmax's proprietary TinyBGA packaging technology
pwned :slap:
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it is used to protect against counterfeiting .. kingmax told me at cebit in march that it is hard to make a chip package colored like that.
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Hmm, so these are some cheapoRams? No mention about sizes or latencies. Got all excited to see plain old DDR, every memory news this year have been DDR2 :/ And what makes it so super ?) (oh found the red ones, nothing special, my mem will do just fine)
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not realy much point in making a new ddr set of chips they might as well just move on to ddr3
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