Thursday, December 31st 2015

BIOSTAR Announces the Z170GT7, H170GT3 and B150GT5

BIOSTAR is proud to introduce the next-level of performance motherboards: the BIOSTAR RACING Series. Featuring an all-new design, the BIOSTAR RACING series ushers in the future of performance with all new cutting-edge features and a new racing design for a stylish and powerful build.

Featuring the latest in gaming hardware from BIOSTAR, the all-new RACING Series is built with powerful hardware design based around the Intel 100-series chipset. Super Durable Ferrite chokes for high-quality power delivery to vital components, Super Durable Solid Caps for longer-lasting performance, low-latency Intel LAN. Storage via super-fast SATA Express and PCI-e M.2 slot allow rapid access to the latest generation of storage devices. DUAL BIOS guarantees resilient motherboard operation whenever BIOS fails.
Super 5 Design

Biostar has built the Racing series motherboard from the ground up, taking into consideration the ever-changing needs of gamers and enthusiasts. The new BIOSTAR Racing Series is proud to introduce the Super 5 Design Concept:
  • Super Face - all new racing design theme for visual appeal
  • Super Power - powerful hardware design
  • Super Sound - signature BIOSTAR HI-FI audio experience
  • Super Easy - User-friendly design and accessible touch control
  • Super Fun - unique DIY concept for enthusiasts and modders
All this new features are reflected in the Racing series which are intended to give the best experience for all users. The new BIOSTAR Racing Series features the all-new Racing I/O Armor which protects the I/O panel and components from dust and static. Design your own LED effect with BIOSTAR Vivid LED DJ. Control your motherboard LED light via VIVID LED DJ utility including special effects like music-reactive LED animation. Expand your chassis looks by connecting 5050 header-equipped LED strips directly on the motherboard and control it via the VIVID LED DJ. Perfect for DIY fans and modders. GT Touch features one-touch mode selection: Sports mode for a performance boost and Eco mode for optimized energy consumption. Designate onboard LED configuration for each profile individually VIVID LED DJ software. BIOSTAR motherboard protection via DUAL BIOS technology ensures recovery during failed main BIOS removing the need for factory repair when corruption or BIOS failure occurs.
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8 Comments on BIOSTAR Announces the Z170GT7, H170GT3 and B150GT5

H170GT3 won't have H170 chipset but only B150 or Z170. Despite fact that name links to chipset that is not available in motherboard, two motherboards with different chipsets will have same name? Why so tricky?
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the most impresive about Biostar be than is motherboards dont die.. til now i never seen die any one..

Meanwhile i see many asrock , msi , intel, etc.. but biostar like brand economic be wonderful... :)
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Liking these and good to see them launch boards a bit later yet still have a low price which is what will get me to try Skylake (for f@h purposes of course)
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Let's see some Biostar 6320 XTU scores.
How's their BIOS guy doing vs AsRock/SM guy?
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nem said:
the most impresive about Biostar be than is motherboards dont die.. til now i never seen die any one..

Meanwhile i see many asrock , msi , intel, etc.. but biostar like brand economic be wonderful... :)
I've seen a few dead ones. I work at retail, at retail everything dies.
The board itself needs to come with david guetta's dangerous playing in the driver installation disc.
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This is a good looking board that I would be willing to buy! Great board Biostar!
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Schmuckley said:
Super BIOS? :D
I like Biostar..I do.

They make good boards.
yeah, and their price is good. i mean price and performance/features is good

and i think this brand could be an alternative especially when the other brands is filling their board with plastic :toast:
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