Monday, April 18th 2016

Colorful Announces Retail Availability of the GTX 980 Ti iGame KUDAN

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, introduces its most powerful GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card with the iGame GTX 980 Ti KUDAN featuring a revolutionary hybrid cooling solution to deliver extreme cooling for the best gaming experience.

The iGame GTX 980 Ti KUDAN features a unique custom-cooler from Colorful integrating powerful heatsinks with an integrated watercooling loop to deliver unsurpassed thermal dissipation. Five heatpipes carry heat away from the GPU and disperse it to the densely packed fins and the integrated water-cooling loop kicks in when extra cooling muscle is needed. Full-time GPU thermal monitoring gives smart control over when the integrated liquid cooling system operates.
The integrated watercooling solution allows further expansion where you can add a custom watercooling loop to the Colorful iGame GTX 980 Ti KUDAN's integrated cooling pump/block. Bring your iGame to the next level with a press of a button! Press the Overclocking Key and you get an instant overclock of up to 1304 MHz Boost frequency for increased performance, giving you a more fluid and responsive experience in resource-intensive games.

Silver Plating Technology (SPT) - this technology protects and improves the stability of the PCB up to twice versus traditional PCBs. By using advanced silver plating compared to traditional copper PCB, oxidation is reduced thus improving PCB integrity for superior stability.

iGame Pure-Power Inductance (I.P.P) - iGame series graphics cards feature specially-crafted components assuring stable power delivery, low operating temperatures and reduced electro-magnetic interference for the best current delivery to the GPU and other important components.

The iGame GTX 980 Ti KUDAN features the best technologies and innovations from Colorful. All these features are designed to give the Colorful iGame series graphics cards immense performance potential and expand on the iGame series' concept of customization.

Colorful created the iGame series taking feedback from players' comments and suggestions to create a distinct product for every situation. The iGame series is Colorful's specialized product segment made for gamers, both mainstream and extreme.
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18 Comments on Colorful Announces Retail Availability of the GTX 980 Ti iGame KUDAN

That has to be one of the nicest VRM clusters I've seen in a while.
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Worst timing ever?
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Timing ! is baad and this card is made mor for Liquide colleng with block not with 3 slot air colling.
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Wicked late , I am selling one of my 980ti to prepair for the new stuff in june ...
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Actually I like that there would be more legit 3 slot cards... cuz those big custom cooler cards are 2.5 slot anyway - so you can not and will not use that third - next slot anyway - so might fill it up with additional cooler thickness and vent holes... About this particular card - obviously I do not have any love for 600$ 1 year old card that should be replaced any month now
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Integrated watercooling loop? Seriously? Lmao if that works.
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They are loosing their grip. :) Where are the balls-to-the-wall, heart- pumping, physics breaking, huge heatsinks I am used to seeing from Colorful ?
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Colorful is too late. I like them but I don't think this will sell well.
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Such a beautiful card, unfortunate about the timing and clocks though as this card seems so beastly!
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Overclocked quantum bit
Bit late in the day to release a top end Maxwell based card when Pascal is out in June and will run rings round it.

I can't see them selling many of these.
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Definitely late to the party, but looking that good I'll let it off just this once.
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Chloe Price
qubit said:
Bit late in the day to release a top end Maxwell based card when Pascal is out in June and will run rings round it.

I can't see them selling many of these.
Well, even the chip manufacturers have done similar things like Radeon X1800 followed shortly by X1900 over 10 years ago, and Broadwell & Skylake last year..
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colorful is always too late for me with their oc cards.
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Amazed that they didn't put 2x 980Ti on this beast.
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their design looks like goes to normal again :toast:
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