Tuesday, April 19th 2016

Raijintek Announces the Morpheus II Core Edition VGA Cooler

Raijintek announced its latest graphics card cooler, the Morpheus II Core Edition. A successor to the Morpheus Core Edition launched in 2014, this cooler features a more up-to-date VGA support, including the Radeon R9 Fury series, R9 390 series, GeForce GTX 980 Ti, and more. What makes it "Core Edition," is that it lacks any bundled fans, letting you use your own high-end ones. It supports a pair of 120 mm spinners.

The main heatsink measures 254 mm x 98 mm x 44 mm, weighing 515 g. It features a dense, monolithic, aluminium fin-stack, which is arranged along the length of the graphics card's PCB, to which heat drawn from a nickel-plated copper GPU base, is fed by six 6 mm thick heat-pipes, making two passes through the fin-stack. Heatsinks for up to 18 memory chips, and an in-line MOSFET heatsink, and a dozen smaller MOSFET heatsinks come included, along with thermal pads, TIM, and the various mounting pieces. Raijintek didn't reveal pricing.
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I don't see how this product fits 2016. This belongs to 2008.
I much prefer the reference-cost advanced cooled cards of today
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Ferrum Master
Board bender... a die cracker :D

I agree... this thing... is a bit off the charts.
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I never trust the vrm heatsinks that come with these types of coolers, unless the card i use has proper heatsinks on the vrms i can leave in place i wouldnt bother

imo modern vrm circuits get far too hot to trust heatsinks stuck on with thermal tape, they need proper tim or thermal pads held on with a decent amount of pressure
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Pricing is going to be important here, as the Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme is bigger, includes fans, a backplate and card holders for a very good price.

These coolers are able to cool an overclocked 290X at acceptable noise levels, for those not interested in water cooling these things are good. They can also be used passively or with a 400 rpm fan to give a truly quiet card.

Put the Morpheus 2 on a 980 with one 500 rpm fan, a I7 6700 with a large tower cooler and another 500 rm fan and a passive PSU and you have a system that can play any game you throw at it while being quieter than any water cooling setup.
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Reminds me of Prolimatech's mk-13 or 26!
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So..., is this only compatible with the cards mentioned or is it backward compatible with other cards?

It would be better in a press release to mention all cards it plays nice with.
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So same old GPU cooler as the default morpheus, just with updated VGA support?
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The Exiled Airman
Alphacool waterblock for me for the 290VaporX when Im on Zen (Take up less space)
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Well, support for the Fury is nice...
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It's a beast, but it's a good one. I swapped the Tri-X from my R9 290 for a Morpheus and two Noctuas P12 a year ago. It's a great setup, specially at night, no more wacky fan throttling on high demanding games, or those highly annoying parasite noises small/slim fans tend to get after months/year. It's just constantly smooth all the time and with good airflow. It's not cheap, but it was worth it.
The weight of it all is a big drawback, but since my full tower case has a separation of chambers right below the mboard bottom line, I solved the issue with an improvised vertical stand serving as support to keep it all levelled.
For those not planing on SLi/CF, and have mboard slots free, this is a good option to keep a solid gpu rolling for 1~2+ years without any worries about noise or temps. Specially if you already have an extra pair of good 120mm fans around.
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Chloe Price
Ordered this to my Radeon 290, I'll post experiences when I get it.
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