Thursday, June 30th 2016

Phanteks Announces ASUS Aura-ready RGB LED Strips

Phanteks announced the immediate releases of the RGB LED Strip Combo Set and RGB LED Strip 400MM. The high performance RGB LED strip features ultra high brightness LEDs and incorporate a number of unique features that ensure long-lasting, bright and even illumination.

Phanteks RGB LED Strip Combo Set, the perfect starter kit for your case lighting solution. Phanteks RGB LED Strip Combo Set includes 2x 400mm magnetic RGB LED strips, RGB LED adapter for motherboards with 4pin RGB LED header, 1x Extension cable and 3M adhesive tape. With the RGB LED adapter included in the Combo Set, you can plug in the RGB LED adapter to motherboards' 4pin RGB header and install it to any case on the market or plug it directly to Phanteks cases that has the LED connectors.
Phanteks RGB LED Strip 400MM is an expansion kit for the RGB LED Strip Combo Set. This kit allows you to add more lighting solution to your starter kit if needed. The expansion kit includes 1x 400mm magnetic LED strip and 3M adhesive tape. These kits allow you to customize your lighting solution in your build.

MSRP (VAT included):
  • PH-LEDKT_CMBO: €14,90 / £11.99
  • PH-LEDKT_M4: €5,90 / £4.99
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4 Comments on Phanteks Announces ASUS Aura-ready RGB LED Strips

I always pulls these from the attic when it's Christmas.

Amazing that lighting up your PC is still a thing these days.
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Some people like to personalize their custom PC. Some like it plain and some like it with style. Neither side is better just different tastes.
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very nice, and a low price.. cool!
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I have the nzxt Hue+ kit. Honestly i love the lighting options for pc's these days. I still have a shoe box full of the cold cathode ones from way back in the day. As a custom pc building fan, and a builder of soo many pc's of the years. It's kinda nice to see that even lighting has been consistently and considerably updated over the years.
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