Thursday, August 11th 2016

Lian-Li Announces PE Series SFX-L PSUs

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd is pleased to announce its two high-wattage SFX-L PSUs: the PE-550 and PE-750. These fully modular, small form factor power supplies are excellent choices for small form factor builds using powerful, high-end hardware. The most general trend in electronics is miniaturization: the smaller the better. This is reflected in nearly every facet of PC hardware and cases are no different. Small form factor, mini-ITX cases are popular and for a reason; if one can have a smaller footprint without compromising performance, why not? The PE-550 and PE-750 provide 550W and 750W respectively - more than enough to drive even multi-GPU gaming PCs.
High Energy Efficiency, Low Noise Power Supplies
The PE-550 is 80Plus Gold-rated for a maximum 89.5% efficiency; the PE-750 is 80Plus Platinum-rated for a maximum 92% efficiency. Both use a near-silent 120mm smart fan and minimize noise by operating fanlessly when output power is below 30%. Both PSUs use a single 12V rail design for the best possible stability under heavy system load, matched with myriad protection features to ensure reliable operation.

Space-saving Specifications for Small Form Factor PCs
Both SFX-L power supplies use modular cables to eliminate clutter - users need only connect the cables they need without having a clump of extra wires. They also use flat ribbon cables for a cleaner, more organized aesthetic. This cable style makes builds look more polished and professional. Both PSUs include an adapting plate for ATX-sized mounts.

Price and Availability
  • The PE-550 is available for $115 USD
  • The PE-750 is available for $169 USD
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5 Comments on Lian-Li Announces PE Series SFX-L PSUs

I hope the cables aren't in "rainbow" style :p
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Mmmmm...delicious platinum SFX supply. Sweet.

that's gonna end up in my next build. Though I question the practicality of a 750 watt SFX-l supply, given the machines that use that class of supply rarely even need 300 watt. Unless somebody finally makes a super small microATX tower.
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Too expensive for only a 2 year Warranty
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Why the f**k they puts that big white sticker that ruins external design. They can print nice black sticker and put it in logical place
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