Monday, October 10th 2016

GIGABYTE Updates BRIX Mini-PC Lineup with 7th Gen Core Processors

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards is proud to announce today, the launch of the newly revamped BRIX updated with the latest Intel 7th Generation Core Processor. This compact PC will support the newest in multimedia standards as well as a 10% increase in graphics performance relative to its predecessor.

The new BRIX barebones raises the bar once again with the new Intel 7th Gen Core processor family-delivering more responsive performance than ever before. This 7th Gen Core processor utilizes a power efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance than previous generation processors. By leveraging Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, performance and power is dynamically controlled-for cores and graphics-boosting performance precisely when it is needed, and saving energy when it counts.
New Standards and Support for Graphics and Multimedia
With the new Intel HD Graphics users can experience more with the increase in graphics performance, 10% greater than the previous generation BRIX. This new media engine offers HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration that significantly improves upon 4K content playback as well as content creation when compared to previous generation processors.

GIGABYTE has also gone to ensure that users won't be limited by the standards or connections on the BRIX, by including HDMI2.0 and support for HDCP 2.2, users can rest assured that their device will be able to display content to its full potential. With multiple display outputs, the BRIX can be configured as both a high productivity PC and an entertainment center. Other use case scenarios may include industrial and commercial multi-display applications.
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7 Comments on GIGABYTE Updates BRIX Mini-PC Lineup with 7th Gen Core Processors

Can they even specify any processor model? Or this is just an anouncement of supporting new CPUs......
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
bleh. not even iris options.

Why is it only intel's nucs ever use the nicer models?
Cost might be one thing. All mobile CPU's with Iris is north of $300 afaik.
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We have two of the Gigabyte Brix i5-4570R (which apparently has the Iris Pro 5200 in it?) boxes at work and I was rather pleased with them. They make a little noise when the workload increases, but it's not too bad. I rather liked them.

There were some models with a GTX 760 in them, I think, and those ran terribly hot and throttled often. As long as you're not going crazy with heat on these things, they're pretty nice.
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You gotta love those Intel scammers and their naming schemes. The i5 and i7 are actually i3 type with higher freq, and 1 extra MB of cache...
That's not too uncommon for mobile and ULV processors. i3/i5/i7s are all more performance segments within a processor classification rather than performance segment across all processors. Seems like they'd have to call everything in that line an i3 and simply not offer an i5 or i7 branded part for those.
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