Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

Microsoft claims Aero doesn't slow computers

Microsoft has sponsored a study into its latest operating system and the new Aero theme, which has come to the conclusion that it doesn’t slow PCs. Apparently the new interface “had little or no negative impact on Vista’s performance”. Matt Ayers, a program manager at Microsoft, wrote “We put quite a bit of effort into making sure that the new visuals were as efficient as possible, and it really paid off,” continuing “You can run Aero without guilt!” Many people have criticised the resource-hungry Windows Vista which has put some gamers off using it, and this report may make people sceptical as to why Microsoft recommends a noticeably more powerful system when running the Aero interface. Although the report comes to this conclusion, it does not appear to contain any benchmarks related to gaming or 3D applications.Source: Neowin.net
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