Wednesday, January 18th 2017

CRYORIG Announces the New "QF140 Performance" and "QF140 Silent" System Fans

CRYORIG, PC thermal solutions expert, has built upon the successful QF120 line of system fans so to release the new QF140 Performance and QF140 Silent 140 mm fans. The QF140, like the original QF120 line, features CRYORIG proprietary Quad Air Intake system. Four strategically placed air intakes are located on the corners of the QF140 fan frame, allowing the static pressure optimized fan blades take in extra air from the sides of the fan frame increasing overall air output. CRYORIG HPLN High Precision Low Noise fluid bearing is used again for low noise performance. Integrated rubber Vibration Absorbers also come preinstalled to absorb excess vibration. Both QF140 models are fully PWM capable for advanced user RPM control.
This time the QF140 will be released in two models the QF140 Performance with a fan speed range from 600 to 1.850 RPM and the QF140 Silent with 200 to 1.000 RPM catering directly to specific user needs.

The QF140 Performance, with a maximum 1.850 RPM is perfect for 280 mm radiators or users in need of large system airflow and high static pressure. The QF140 Performance is capable of pumping out 128 CFM at 38 dBA during maximum RPM for extreme performance.

The QF140 Silent has an ultra-low RPM range of 200 to 1,000 RPM. Rated noise levels of 9 to 19,5 dBA is close to being inaudible in most typical PC cases. The 140 mm fan blade will still be able to push 42 CFM of airflow despite being near inaudible.

Both QF140 products include in the package a molex adapter, a mounting screw kit and 6-year extended warranty after registration. The QF140 Performance and Silent have a suggested retail price set at $14,99.
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3 Comments on CRYORIG Announces the New "QF140 Performance" and "QF140 Silent" System Fans

Great specs, low noise, no LEDs, and $15 each? What's the catch?
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No LEDS awesome...

Nothing the few cyorig products I own are awesome.
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I have recently reverted back to air cooling going from an H280-X to Cryorig's R1. Under the heaviest loads that I put it through, the stock R1 fans are miles quieter than the H280. If these new fans have even lower noise levels, I would be very impressed. If I hadn't already invested in e-loops for my case, these probably would be getting a strong consideration.
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