Tuesday, April 18th 2017

PowerColor Also Announces the Radeon RX 570 Red Devil and Red Dragon

TUL Corporation, a leading and innovative manufacturer of AMD graphic cards since 1997, has released a new PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 4GB GDDR5 in Devil series. It is powered by AMD's 4th generation GCN 4 architecture featuring asynchronous shaders. The PowerColor RX 570 is designed for more smooth game playing and video performace in the latest DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and e-Sports game titles.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 4 GB GDDR5 utilizes 4GB of GDDR5 memory with 2,048 stream processors, ships with 1320 MHz core clock speed, and has 1750 MHz memory clock speed which is connected via a new high speed 256-bit memory interface. It has the capability to switch from Ultra Overclocking to Silent Overclocking or vice versa for choosing the BIOS fitting your need, faster clocks or more balanced overclock with quiet operation. Therefore, on Silent BIOS, it ships with 1270 MHz. PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 4GB GDDR5 equips an 8 pin power connector with superior 6+1 multi-phases board design enhances the power efficiency and also stabilizes the voltage precisely.
In order to achieve best thermal solution, PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 uses the Double Blade III technology which increases 20% more airflows than other fan technology and prevents dust deposition on fans as well. The Double Blade III is made with triple 80mm 2-ball bearing fans and 9 pieces of fan blades, with 2pcs of 8mm and 2pcs of 6mm nickel-plated heat pipe for the best heat dissipation. Moreover, PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 adopts the Mute Fan Technology that intelligently turns off the fan when the temperature is below 60°C, providing silent gaming during medium and low load while reducing power consumption simultaneously.

The Red Devil has a backplate for helping to prevent from PCB bending, and to protect GPU and components from overpressure.

With all these good features and new technologies, PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 4GB GDDR5 not only will fulfill your desire for playing high-end games, and but easy to execute applications which require the powerful graphic performance tasks.
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Back in my day, the Red Devil card announcement meant at dual gpu was on the way. You young'uns know they used to put two matching gpus on one pcb and triple the price? The good old days when crossfire/sli was really supported. Somebody pass me the Centrum Silver and a crossword puzzle.
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