Wednesday, April 26th 2017

Patriot's Viper V570 Hybrid FPS/MMO Mouse Available for Purchase

Patriot have announced retail availability for their Viper V570 gaming mouse. This is a clear case of a company attempting to appease two different demographics at the same time, with the Viper V570 delivering a a sniper button for FPS games, as well as 13 buttons for your MMO requirements. While the design is something to look at, the aggressiveness of some curves could mean some polarizing potential in regards to its comfort. Patriot said that 13 buttons on the mouse are programmable, although it's not certain if that count includes the multiple functions of the click-wheel.
The V570 sports an Avago 9800 laser sensor which offers up to 12,000 DPI with four presets (with DPI indicator lights.) It's marketed as an "Xtreme Precision Laser Sensor". The left and right click buttons have Omron switches to ensure adequate "clickability". Like most consumer products these days, the V570 features RGB lighting, though it isn't clear whether or not this applies to all LED-backlit areas of the mouse, such as the Viper design and logo, but the RGB zones do support custom profiles. The V570 employs ceramic feet for higher durability and smoothness of movement, and comes with 34.2 grams of removable weights, with its fully loaded weight coming in at 159.2g. The V570 is available for sale at $60.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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5 Comments on Patriot's Viper V570 Hybrid FPS/MMO Mouse Available for Purchase

What is this atrocity? Why bother offering RGB LEDs if you already painted it with red all over? Like any other color would match it other than red. Its amazing how many companies do not get that stuff with RGB leds must be painted in neutral colors (looking at you, Msi, Gigabyte...)
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I'll stick with my old, bold and wrinkly G5. Still have all the weights!
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Ah, to bland, does it do the wave ?
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That thing is fugly and it knows it. I don't mind LED's on my peripherals but not to that extent. I use a Roccat kone xtd with the two thin LED strips set to (a not too glaring) red to match the rest of my system.
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