Friday, January 12th 2007

Scythe Mini Kaze 4cm Silent Fan

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announced the silent 4cm fan, Mini Kaze. Low noise is of course the standard feature of this fan, plus the versatile 2-pin to 3-pin connector is supplied to make this fan more useful. Possible usage of this fan is for replacing the default fan attached to chipset, external HDD case, and a removable case. This mini fan can further enhance your silent PC system to be more silent. The full specs of the Scythe Mini Kaze are here.Source: Scythe
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3 Comments on Scythe Mini Kaze 4cm Silent Fan

Semi-Retired Folder
I have a very loud gigabit switch that might be seeing this fan in the near future.
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a fan that small and that good can actually be very useful.

looks like a decent product, but i don't think they'll sell too many of these in our times when bigger seems to always be better...
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Bird of Prey
Id Love to get this to replace that small little northbridge fan. Not that heat on the NB is worrying for me, with great case cooling :)
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