Tuesday, August 15th 2017

SilverStone Adds Tempered Glass to Redline Case Series

SilverStone has just announced availability of their Redline chassis lineup. Aimed towards a more budget-conscious consumer, the Redline offers a standard ATX support and seven expansion slots in black and red or white and black color schemes (yes, you physics pundits are right when you say that black or white aren't colors... Let's let that one slide now, shall we?)

The RL06-G and RL06-GP cases are able to accommodate CPU coolers 158 mm tall, full-length graphics cards up to 348 mm, and power supplies up to 200 mm. Both chassis have mounting locations for 3x 3.5" hard disks (trays located in front of the PSU) and 2x 2.5" solid state drives (behind the motherboard tray.) The latest additions to the Redline series come standard with a full length power supply shroud that covers both the PSU and the three 3.5" trays.
Both towers feature 3x 120 mm intake fans on the front of the chassis, and a single 120 mm exhaust fan. The top or front of the chassis can be fitted with up to 240 mm radiators or AIOs, while the back of the chassis supports a single 120 mm unit in lieu of the pre-installed exhaust fan. There are magnetic dust filters standard on the chassis. As for pricing, the RL06-G and RL06-GP are available now with an MSRP of $90 and $100, respectively, and come in a variety of color combinations.
Source: SilverStone
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Pics are all red X for me... is it only me?
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News Editor
EarthDog said:
Pics are all red X for me... is it only me?
Hmm, they're good for me..
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They work now.. didn't before.
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Looks good and price isn't terrible
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