Friday, September 15th 2017

Kingston DCP1000 NVMe PCIe SSD Now Generally Available in EMEA Region

Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the general availability (GA) of its DCP1000 NVMe PCIe SSD in the European marketplace. The company will demonstrate the performance capabilities of the DCP1000, the industry's fastest NVMe SSD for the Half Height Half Length PCIe form factor, at the 2017 International Broadcasting Conference (IBC), working with multiple partner vendors, featuring the solid-state solution in a variety of configurations.

These include accelerating the complete Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Suite of applications; a 60 frame-per-second (FPS) 4K streaming video demonstration with Bluefish444; real-time color grading with 4K resolution video and higher with demonstration partners Eizo and Marquis Technologies; and several other deployments showcasing the consistent, industry-leading data acceleration capabilities of the Kingston DCP1000, regardless of use case.
"We are proud to announce the availability of the DCP1000 in the European territories and to demonstrate the data performance of our NVMe PCIe solution to media & entertainment (M&E) professionals at IBC this year," said Christoph Bader, B2B Strategic Marketing Manager, Kingston. "Professionals, from digital content generation to live broadcast, rely on ultra-fast data to accomplish their goals and remain competitive in a saturated media landscape, and the DCP1000 NVMe solid-state solution delivers industry-leading data acceleration alongside Kingston's award-winning product reliability and service."

Kingston's DCP1000 PCIe NVMe SSD data performance solution is designed to meet the requirements of the data-intensive M&E applications essential to everything from effects-driven popcorn movies or videogames to streaming virtual reality or live sports broadcast. To showcase Kingston's DCP1000, the company worked with its industry-leading partners to build demos that speak directly to the requirements of modern professionals working in broadcast, digital effects, virtual reality, online gaming, next-generation telecommunications infrastructure, and other fields predicated on low-latency, high-performance data access. Demonstrations include:
  • Adobe (Booth #7.G27): The global leader in media and digital marketing solutions will demonstrate all their latest applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Suite deployed on the DCP1000 for maximum data throughout.
  • Bluefish444 (Booth #7.J07): The provider of uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI, HDMI & ASI I/O video cards and mini converters will utilize Kingston's NVMe SSD to stream 60fps uncompressed 4K video.
  • B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio (Booth #11.A10): The photo and video equipment provider will showcase real-time color grading accelerated with the DCP1000.
  • Eizo & Marquise Technologies (Booth #7.H03): The premium display provider Eizo will demo real-time color grading using applications from Marquise Technologies post-production software suite.
  • TVLogic (Booth #10.C27): The provider of high-performance HD video equipment for the digital broadcast and professional video markets will demonstrate real-time colour grading with the Marquise Technologies software suite and Kingston NVMe.
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EMEA, another acronym in the sack! Gonna be the coolest guy at the party when I use it! :roll:
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It definitely looks fast.
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"erixx said:
EMEA, another acronym in the sack! Gonna be the coolest guy at the party when I use it! :roll:
LOL, you really are behind the times, that one has been around for at least 10 years.

These days you really want to be going on about LATAM and BRICS at the cool parties. ;)
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