Tuesday, September 20th 2016

In Win Intros Polaris Silent Case Fans

In Win today rolled out its Polaris Silent case fans. These 120 mm fans come in three key variants, the Polaris LED, which features a single-color LED illumination (and comes in sub-variants of red, blue, and green); the Polaris RGB, which comes with RGB multi-color LEDs; and the Polaris RGB Premium, which come with anodized aluminium frames, besides RGB LED lighting. The In Win Polaris is a 120 mm fan, with a circular frame. The mounts on the corners of the frame are rubberized to dampen vibration, and on the RGB-equipped variants, feature LED daisy-chaining headers, which let you connect up to three fans in a daisy-chain, and control them from a single fan that's plugged into a standard RGB header on your motherboard. The fan supports most modern RGB LED software standards, such as ASUS Aura Sync RGB, MSI Mystic Light, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion.

As a fan, the Polaris series features high temperature-range PBT plastic making up the impellers, and polycarbonate frames for the Polaris LED and Polaris RGB variants; and aluminium making up the frames on the Polaris RGB Premium. Its motor features 35,000-hour rated sleeve bearing. The fans take in 4-pin PWM input, spinning between 500 to 1,280 RPM, pushing up to 43.31 CFM of air, with a noise output of up to 20.2 dBA. The fans will be sold in single-unit and two-unit packs.
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5 Comments on In Win Intros Polaris Silent Case Fans

Interesting visual design. Haven't seen any similar fan. Quite like it (minus the RGB, but what can you do in 2017 hehe).
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Looks dodgy, two types of screws in the pictures. First one are mangled up philips head screws whereas the second one has perfect hex screws... So which ones do you actually get with the fans? Also not sure if these will work with normal fan screws, since you're screwing into rubber, rather than plastic.
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Could be nice as case fans but for radiators the standard square shape is way better...
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Last month I have built new ryzen system in InWin 101. These will fit perfectly and will replace anidees ai halo fans which turned out to be too loud for my taste.
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radrok said:
Could be nice as case fans but for radiators the standard square shape is way better...
They are case fans and not radiator fans.
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