Thursday, September 28th 2017

Enermax Announces RevoBron Value PSU Series

ENERMAX, as a well-known brand for power supply, launched RevoBron. This PSU series is equipped with DFR self-cleaning tech. Moreover, it comes with a smart 2-in-1 fan controller, COOLERGENIE, providing system fans with semi-fanless control and fan-delay function. RevoBron perfectly supports mainstream gaming rigs, multimedia systems, or home theater PCs. RevoBron is equipped with Twister Bearing fan for silent/durable cooling, embedded with ENERMAX DFR tech. to make the PSU fan perform a self-cleaning spin for 10 seconds upon startup to blow away the accumulated dust.
Superb Efficiency and High-quality Components
RevoBron series is 80 PLUS Bronze certified with up to 90% high efficiency at typical load at 230VAC. In addition, DC to DC circuit, dual +12V rail design, together with 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors make RevoBron a highly stable and durable unit.

RevoBron will be available on the market with 3 models: 500W/600W/700W.
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Why not RevoBroom?

Would have made a lot more sense...
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Self cleaning :confused: Does that mean if you have your PSU positioned fan up you'll get a dust cloud shot up into the case? Usually self cleaning involves the reversing of the fan.
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The Exiled Airman
Vayra86, post: 3731557, member: 152404"
Why not RevoBroom?

Would have made a lot more sense...
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