Sunday, October 8th 2017

Scythe Reveals Kaze Flex 120 Fans

Scythe proudly announces the release of the case fan Kaze Flex 120. The in-house engineered Kaze Flex 120 fan is equipped with vibration and shock absorbing rubber pads integrated into its frame. This enhances silent operation, making this fan ideal for cases and coolers alike. The Fluid Dynamic bearing structure (FDB) reduces friction and contributes to a quiet operation as well as a long life span.

The fans proprietary frame and blade design creates a good balance between high airflow and low noise production, cooling even the hottest systems. Kaze Flex 120 has an MSRP of US$9.95 for the 3-pin and US$12.95 for 4-pin (PWM) models. The fans will be available in the US market starting October 2017.
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4 Comments on Scythe Reveals Kaze Flex 120 Fans

Hmmm.....Still no 140mm?
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huuuummmm.... $3 extra for $.00000005 worth of additional wire and 1 additional pin, now that's what I call a healthy markup :)
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Scythe is one of those companies who used to lead the market and just fell aspleep recently, like Antec
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