Wednesday, November 15th 2017

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 388.31 WHQL Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA today has released the latest version of their GeForce Game Ready Graphics Driver. The new 388.31 drivers are optimized for the latest AAA games, "Star Wars Battlefront II," and "Injustice 2". NVIDIA has also added the corresponding 3D Vision profiles for both titles. In addition, they've included SLI profiles for Star Wars: Battlefront II and EVE Valkyrie - Warzone as well. According to them, the 388.31 drivers improve Destiny 2 performance by up to a staggering 53%. However, the more notable fixes include the micro-stuttering issue when using GPU monitoring tools to monitor GPU power and the driver not picking up GeForce GTX 1080 on the Alienware Amplifier.

Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
  • EVE Valkyrie - Warzone
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
3D Vision Profiles
Added or updated the following 3D Vision profiles:
  • Injustice 2 - Good
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) - Fair
Changes and Fixed Issues
  • Micro-stuttering occurs in games when GPU monitoring tools are monitoring GPU power ("Power" monitoring enabled). [2016377]
  • [GeForce GTX 1080][eGPU][notebook]: NVIDIA driver could not find compatible graphics hardware on the Alienware Amplifier. [2010511]
  • [3D Vision Notebook]: There is no "Set stereoscopic 3D" link available in the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200341834]
  • [GeForce GTX 970M][]Notebook][Pattern Design Software]: Objects drawn in the application are not visible. [1992543]
Windows 10 Issues
  • [SLI][GeForce GTX 780 Ti]: There is no display output when connecting the DisplayPort and two DVI monitors. [1835763]
  • [GeForce TITAN (Kepler-based)]: The OS fails after installing the graphics card on a Threadripper-enabled motherboard. [1973303]
  • [Kepler GPUs][StarWars Battlefront II]: The system hangs when launching the game in DirectX 12 API mode. [200362843]
  • [Windows 10 Fall Creators Update]: Color settings made in the NVIDIA Control Panel are not preserved across a system reboot or restart. [2009433]
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7 Comments on NVIDIA Releases GeForce 388.31 WHQL Game Ready Drivers

Micro-stuttering occurs in games when GPU monitoring tools are monitoring GPU power ("Power" monitoring enabled). [2016377]
That should help a lot. I have sworn that I kept getting a micro-stutter with my 1080Ti in CSGO. The Fall Creators Update cleaned that up a lot, but the micro-stutter is still slightly there.

Edit: Users over on guru3d have the consensus that these drivers do in fact take care of micro-stutter. Also, they made some huge gains in Destiny 2:
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I've had 3DMark errors today. Will this fix them? No reference....
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Damn Destiny 2 is gonna follow Forza 7 in the don't worry ladies... they will sort it category.

FineWine is a horrible term though, I just prefer dodgy at launch.
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My name is Dave
Darn. I was hoping they'd fix SLI support in Destiny 2... 2x 1080's but only one card is working for me right now on 388.13. Oh wait, maybe they did! Downloading now...
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Haven't seen much of an improvement on my setup...
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wow I thought D2 ran great on my 1080 already... That #%^$ lowly 60hz monitor is holding me down.

All I wanted for Christmas was for that new Asus 200Hz ultrawide to release.... :(
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