Friday, February 2nd 2018

Teamgroup "T-Force Xtreem", "T-Force Nighthawk RGB" Win iF Design Awards

With extremely excellent and charming design, TEAMGROUP T-FORCE XTREEM and T-FORCE NIGHTHAWK RGB Gaming Modules won iF Design Award 2018! Not only increased the winning records of these two products but also fully demonstrated the design capabilities in addition to quality and performance.

The German iF Design Award, which is like the Academy Award of the Design Industry, is an internationally renowned product design award founded in 1953. It is also one of the world's top design quality indicators. In 2018, iF Awards included 63 leading international jury members, with 6,402 entries from 54 countries. T-FORCE XTREEM and T-FORCE NIGHTHAWK RGB stood out from the best of the best. This outstanding result proves that T-FORCE Gaming Memory products have not only top performance but also the stunning strength to earn the spotlight on the global stage of design.
T-FORCE XTREEM high-end memory was built under a new concept of product appearance, by using the top notch of aluminum extrusion and CNC technology to create simple but grand style design. It's also equipped with top overclocking performance to lead the speeding style. The T-FORCE NIGHTHAWK RGB is also a new meticulous design with black or white color heat spreader. Whether it is the mysterious Black NIGHTHAWK or the pure White NIGHTHAWK, it has RGB full-color variable synchronization light effect and sharp Hawkeyes to exude a colorful light. From the winning of iF Design Award, once again it proves that TEAMGROUP own strong R&D capabilities, and excellent design strength.
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6 Comments on Teamgroup "T-Force Xtreem", "T-Force Nighthawk RGB" Win iF Design Awards

Just make them low profile with high density fins heatsink directly over the memory chips area , no need for those useless blocks just for the name to be there !! but hey you have RGB and a big flat aluminum block with extended wings ... so here a Design Awards , these and the blocks of plastic shrouds that cover the recent Motherboards , it's like we are going backwards in terms of performance and practicality .
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ensabrenoir know if you shout "TEAMGROUP T-FORCE XTREEM", "T-FORCE NIGHTHAWK RGB" [SIZE=4] out loud three times..... Teamgroup will hear you ....and they will smile.[/SIZE]
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I'd bet they loose more sales with that design than whatever that award is worth.
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The rbg one look alright,but on a board all packed together you will only see maybe 1 side of the effect.
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The "Extreem" one is beautiful.
Up there with Dominator and Trident Z
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ShurikN said:
The "Extreem" one is beautiful.
Up there with Dominator and Trident Z
I agree, I would buy the Extreem. The other I don't like.
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