Thursday, April 5th 2018

EVGA Also Announces the Z10 Keyboards

The Z10 keyboard was built with enthusiasts in mind. Built from the ground up, this mechanical keyboard is designed to give gamers, creators, and overclockers the tools they need to excel at any task. The EVGA Z10 keyboard brilliantly shines with fully-customizable RED LED Zone backlighting to enhance any experience, whether typing or hunting down that last enemy.

The LED backlighting can be configured in the EVGA Unleashed software, and instantly dimmed or brightened bia the LED brightness switch on the keyboard. A customizable LCD screen accomodates any needs for gaming, overclocking, or anything else you can think of! Choose to monitor your Precision XOC or ELEET X statistic, custom game timers and several other functions.
Available in your choice of blue or brown mechanical Kailh switches, the EVGA Z10 puts performance and convenience no further than the tips of your fingers, featuring:
  • A magnetically-attached customizable wristpad
  • Extensive macro controls
  • Quick-switch profile buttons
  • Volume and LED sliders
  • Spring-loaded feet to quickly move into strike position
  • N-key rollover to ensure you get exactly the type of feedback you want
EVGA Unleash controls the Z10 Keyboard with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Each screen allows you to interact with the individual keys, control keyboard functions while gaming, adjust LED lighting and behavior, and configure the LCD Information display. The software will also connect to to notify you of software and firmware updates.

With its sleek design, responsive typing, and highly-detailed user control panel, the EVGA Z10 is the final piece missing from your system to ensure great looks and dominance in any sphere of life.
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10 Comments on EVGA Also Announces the Z10 Keyboards

Thermaltake fanboy
in glad to see some new designs and inspiration on mech keyboards, pretty bored to see plain and squared ones!

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Sp33d Junki3
$150US is not a bad price.
For what you get.
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Great, the company I despise makes a keyboard in the form I want, after Logitech losing its way.
Here's hoping it begins a trend in features and price. :)
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The Z10 looks nice.. other than the slider controls for the volume and LED brightness. Well, the LED brightness it's not much of a big deal really, but the volume slider would be much better off being a roller wheel, or even a simple +/- button. Just my opinion, but I just don't like those slider controls much.

Other than that, I'm diggin the keyboard. Definitely doesn't make me want to give up using my Corsair K95, but I would consider the Z10 if I was shopping for a mech kb.
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Great, the company I despise makes a keyboard in the form I want, after Logitech losing its way.
Here's hoping it begins a trend in features and price. :)
''after Logitech losing its way.''

same here .. went from great stuff I all ways bought to common junk I don't even conceder anymore .. for sure not what they use to be .
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This looks like and could be a nice replacement for my CM Storm Trigger. Red backlighting, side macro buttons, and two extra USB ports if the last two pictures are any indication. Pretty much the same general layout. Makes me wonder if Cooler Master let go of their former designers (their current keyboard offerings leave a bit to be desired) and EVGA snapped them up. Regardless, I hope the software (in particular, the macro programming) will be up to snuff since it's an area the Trigger could've done better. For example, you could launch programs with it using a regular key but not a macro key despite the latter being more generic in nature.

At the least, I'm looking forward to the inevitable port of Doom to that Logitech-esque LED screen.

No idea what's up with that giant bumper of a space bar though. Is that an EVGA thing?
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Rich Knapp
Am I the first to ask this question.... Where's the RGB? Just Red? Give me Logitech options on this EVGA keyboard, I'll buy it! Call me lame!
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