Wednesday, May 9th 2018

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 397.64 WHQL Drivers

NVIDIA today released GeForce 397.64 WHQL drivers. The drivers come game-ready for recently released titles Conan Exiles, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and Destiny 2's new expansion, Warmind. NVIDIA also added support for Microsoft Surface Books while providing updated SLI profiles for Kingdom Come: Deliverance and GRIP. More importantly, this driver release contains specific fixes for Grand Theft Auto V, Starcraft 2, and GeForce GTX 780 Ti owners who run a SLI configuration. The rest of its fixed issues is consistent with the 397.55 hotfix driver release.


The change-log follows.

Game Ready
Provides the optimal gaming experience for Destiny 2: Warmind, Conan Exiles, and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

New Features
Added support for Microsoft Surface Books.

Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • GRIP
Fixed Issues in this Release
  • [Grand Theft Auto V][NVIDIA Control Panel]: God rays become less intense after forcing MSAA using the NVIDIA Control Panel. [2098709]
  • [Starcraft 2][Kepler GPUs]: Black screen appears when exiting the game. [2070566]
  • [SLI][GeForce GTX 780 Ti]: There is no display output when connecting the DisplayPort and two DVI monitors. [1835763]
  • [Netflix]: Netflix playback may stutter intermittently. [2094867]
  • [GeForce GTX 1060]: Windows Device Manager may report Code 43 error. [2109135]
  • Event Error 14 appears in the Windows Event Viewer when booting into Windows.[2109510]
  • GDI objects increase every time an application queries NVAPI. [2109232]
  • [Windows 10]: Driver may get removed after the PC has been left idle for an extended period of time. [2110591]
Windows 10 Issues
  • [Microsoft Edge][HDR]: With HDR turned ON, video playback in full-screen mode on an HDR display may cause corruption of the video and desktop. To recover, manually turn the monitor OFF and then back ON. This will be resolved in a future driver version.
  • [Far Cry 5]: Green flickering occurs in the game when using HDR with non-native resolution. To work around, either quit and then restart the game while in the desired resolution, or press [Alt+tab] away from and then back to the game, or press [Alt+Enter] to switch to windowed mode and then back to full-screen mode.
  • [Wolfenstein II]: The crashes during gameplay. [2114563]
  • [Call of Duty: WWII][Surround]: With Surround enabled, the center Surround display is blank during gameplay. [200370257]
  • [GeForce TITAN (Kepler-based)]: The OS fails after installing the graphics card on a Threadripper-enabled motherboard. [1973303]
  • [Pascal GPUs][Gears of War 4]: Blue-screen crash may occur while playing the game. [2008731]
  • [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti][Warhammer Vermintide 2][DirectX 12]: TDR errors may occur when changing resolutions in game. [200395335]. To work around, use the DirectX 11 game option.
  • [NVIDIA Control Panel][Surround]: NVIDIA Surround hot keys do not work. [200394749]
  • [GeForce Experience][ShadowPlay]: The "In-Game Overlay" option cannot be enabled, nor does Shadowplay recording work. [200390642] The Microsoft Media Foundation library must be installed in order to use these features. Be sure to first install the Media Foundation package.
Windows 7 Issues
  • [Wolfenstein II]: The crashes during gameplay. [2114563]
  • [Call of Duty: WWII][Surround]: With Surround enabled, the center Surround display is blank during gameplay. [200370257]
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11 Comments on NVIDIA Releases GeForce 397.64 WHQL Drivers

~Technological Technocrat~
Any brave 1060 owners out there wanna give this one a try? :p
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coonbro said:
I like how the NVidia rep said this to a member

''I don't know what card you have or what issue as this is your first post. This driver resolves installer issue with a few select GeForce GTX 1060 models.''

I guess hope you got a select model or it maybe too bad so sad....
Or maybe they are implying only a select few were ever affected? lol
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I have an ASUS GTX1060-6GB here, I installed the updated driver and I have no issues.
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The Way It's Meant to be Played
Again the same problem as the previous 397.31 driver on my fully updated Windows 8.1 system, moving around windows on the desktop is very laggy (using 1 monitor), when I move around with the control panel window the Realtemp and GPU-Z window disappeared (were still active in the notification area though). I tried changing the desktop refresh rate of my G-Sync monitor which doesn't help either. Very annoying problem which I have with both 397.31 and 397.64.
No problems with 391.35 which I once again use now.
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R-T-B said:
Or maybe they are implying only a select few were ever affected? lol
ya, guess that's why I still on drivers like 353.62 / 355.82 as like don't fix what aint broken . I just read things as this and lol.... and comment my thought on it you know drivers that are BT [before 10 ]
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Midland Dog
FreedomEclipse said:
Any brave 1060 owners out there wanna give this one a try? :p
no thanks
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Stay away if you value your HDR settings. This update removes the 4.2.2 and 4.2.0 options, as well as the 10 and 12 bit options. All gone. Rolling back now until the next hotfix comes out.
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I had to roll back to the older drivers, I kept experiencing weird and rather large drops in frame rates in some of my games. All of a sudden there would be a hitch of sorts and the frame rate would drop like a rock for a fraction of a second and then come back up. It played holy hell with game play.
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1060 owner here. I just installed this driver and so far there are no problems. I'll report here if there are issues.
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these are actually really smooth... better than the previous releases on my 1080ti
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