Monday, June 11th 2018

Kailh Introduces New SUN Switches at Computex, Among Others

Computex 2018 was a busy event for everyone in the industry, and this included switch maker Kailhua Electronics Co., LTD who had a booth under their brand Kailh at the trade show. Shown here were their new SUN switches that feature centralized lighting to allow keyboard makers to not have to worry about keycap legends being stuck to the top for good backlighting and illumination. The SUN switches currently are a single version with a tactile bump and an operation force of 50 gf at an actuation distance of 1.8 mm and a total travel distance of 3.5 mm.

More on the offerings at the Kailh booth after the break.

Notebooks got some love too, with a display of their current and upcoming Notebook switches under the NB- and X-series. These employ a variation of the scissor switch that is usually used with ultra-low profile keyboards, and Kailh has managed to put in mechanical actuation in these switches that are all of ~4.4 mm in height compared to the usual 15+ mm for standard mechanical keyboard switches. Here we get more options, including linear, tactile and clicky switches all hovering around the 50-55 gf actuation at 1.4-1.5 mm actuation and ~2.5 mm of total travel. Oh, and these get backlighting support as well. There is little excuse for the higher end laptop makers to not go with such switches, and we would love to see these get incorporated sooner than later.

Kailh also had a small section dedicated to their mice switches under the so-called Micro series. These are rated at 60 million cycles of operation, and there was a proof-of-concept mouse alongside to demonstrate feasibility in a working device.
Lastly, and while these are not necessarily new, Kailh also had some products that I suspect many are not aware of. These included the ever-growing collection of their new BOX and CHOC switches, a proof-of-concept keyboard for the BOX switches that I personally want to see make it to retail, an example of their mid-height mechanical switches using the standard MX stem/slider design and the three BIG switches that are a collaboration between Kailh and Novelkeys for when you want to be novel (heh) and create perhaps a unique system power button.
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So Kailh finally managed to do what Logitech did years ago with Romer-G?
I love switches where the lighting is in the center instead of leaking out from every direction and keys "swimming in a pool of light". Looks horrible.
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