Friday, July 6th 2018

i-Rocks Shows off the Rev-o-mate Customizable Dial

We met over 80 brands at Computex this year, and that only means there continue to be more new things to talk about. One such story comes out of the i-Rocks booth, which had many keyboards but also something that was different enough to merit a post of its own. Enter the Rev-o-mate- a no click, free rotation dial that was specifically designed with PC-based content creators in mind. Working with another brand, BitTradeOne based out of Japan, i-Rocks first launched the Rev-o-mate on Kickstarter last year with an extremely successful campaign resulting in general sales beginning June this year.

The BFROM11 Rev-o-mate, as the product name officially stands, is similar in function to the Microsoft Surface Dial and also the dial on the Logitech CRAFT keyboard we reviewed in allowing quick and precise control over operations such as image scaling, rotation and brush size. At the same time, this aims to also deliver more from both an aesthetics and functional point of view to offer more value for money. For starters, a big, metal knob is used for the dial and there are another ten dedicated buttons for further actions available. The Rev-o-mate supports both Windows and macOS, is USB-based with an internal memory for profiles to be saved onboard, and is supported by a comprehensive software driver that already is compatible with content creator tools from the likes of Adobe, GIMP and ClipStudio with more features planned after retail availability. Oh, and did we mention there is RGB lighting as well?
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7 Comments on i-Rocks Shows off the Rev-o-mate Customizable Dial

Hmm... ¥8000... yeah, I'll probably get one.
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Hmm... ¥8000... yeah, I'll probably get one.
$72 US - will pay for itself quickly in increased production for those who do this type of work. The MS Surface Dial is $99, and does less.
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Add 'roomba' functionality and i'm sold.
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i am not even sure what this does. but, looks cool. lol
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If this also does/did what that recent "huge power button" does, it would instantly render the latter obsolete. :)
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For turning it up to eleven like a boss
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If this has proper Lightroom integration (as in being easily able to swap between adjusting various adjustment sliders with the push of a button or a hotkey), it would be a godsend even for a hobbyist like me. Within a few hours of getting the hotkeys memorized, I can see this speeding up a Lightroom workflow by an order of magnitude.
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