Thursday, August 2nd 2018

In Win Intros the 915 Full-tower Chasses

In Win today introduced the 915, an ATX full-tower chassis. The case is available in two color options - black and silver. It's characterized by rounded front and rear panels, and tempered glass accentuating 3 mm thick anodized aluminium body panels with a matte finish. The top panel is particularly interesting: a protrusion the shape of the case from the top, which has vents along the sides, and a tempered glass top. This protrusion is mechanized, and can slide up or down at the push of a button. An RGB LED diffuser lines the top curve of the front panel, as it meets the front-panel connectivity, which includes not just HDA jacks and a pair of USB 3.1 type-A ports, but also a type-C port. A button lets you toggle between lighting presets. This LED ornament can also take input from 4-pin headers, controllable by ASUS Aura Sync software.

Internally, the In Win 915 has a somewhat conventional horizontally partitioned layout. The right side of the case (behind the motherboard tray) has a lot of crawlspace owing to the 2-inch gap between the side-panel and the motherboard tray. This side gives you access to the bottom compartment, with its four 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays, four 2.5-inch mounts, and the PSU bay. The left side has four additional 2.5-inch mounts along the top of the partition. The motherboard tray supports E-ATX boards, with 8 horizontal expansion slots, and 2 vertical slots (to show off your graphics card using a riser). There's room for graphics cards up to 41 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16.8 cm in height. Ventilation includes 3x 120 mm / 2x 140 mm top exhausts, 2x 140 mm bottom intakes, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. Measuring 595 mm x 230 mm x 645 mm, it weighs about 16.4 kg. Available soon, the case could be priced upwards of $500.
The video gives you a better idea of the mechanized top panel.

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10 Comments on In Win Intros the 915 Full-tower Chasses

lol at the video.
as far as the case is concerned, we will see how good the airflow is, I like the look of it, I think that rising top will just break or cause issues down the line (like putting something on it that weighs it down)
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The panels are ok, but alas, inside it's still the same ole same same lame lame, nothin new there.......
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It probably wouldn't need a mechanised top if it wasn't a heavy piece of tempered glass.
A thin lightweight piece of Perspex should be lifted by the up force of the fans alone when in operation.
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Certainly looks nice, except for the massive, hideous In Win logo on the front. So much for subtlety.
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this is quite similar to that bitfenix case
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FahadCertainly looks nice, except for the massive, hideous In Win logo on the front. So much for subtlety.
Yep, they managed to put something hideous on something stylish ONCE AGAIN... they also put all straight lines around the glass window... so much for uniformity

I suppose its their trademark...
wolarthis is quite similar to that bitfenix case
The Pandora? I think that one succeeded a lot better at design
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In Win are wizards, when it comes to case design...
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I had the Pandora for a while. Airflow wasn't all that great, so I gave it away.
This doesn't do anything for me.
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lexluthermiesterThis case looks like a small garbage bin. LOL!
I had a small shredder that looked similar.
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