Tuesday, August 28th 2018

ENERMAX Launches RevoBron TGA, the TUF Gaming Alliance Certified PSU

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance power supply, has collaborated with ASUS to launch RevoBron TGA, a rock-solid gaming power supply tested and certified by ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance to ensure the perfect compatibility with the other gaming components of the league. The semi-modular gaming PSU lineup is equipped with several advanced and unique elements that are higher than the industry standards, which makes the unit the best-in-class power supply for the TUF Gaming PCs. RevoBron TGA can perfectly support mainstream gaming rigs, multimedia systems, or home theater PCs.

Surpassing 80PLUS Bronze efficiency level, RevoBron TGA has several advanced features, including the DC-to-DC circuit, 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors, and dual +12V rails, which make the PSU a stable and durable gaming power solution. Moreover, RevoBron TGA also comes with the patented self-cleaning DFR (Dust Free Rotation) fan; the concept of the DFRTM is to make the PSU fan perform a self-cleaning spin for 10 seconds upon startup to blow away the accumulated dust.
Extra Case-fan-controller Included
RevoBron TGA includes an extra cooling gadget, COOLERGENIE; this intelligent 2-in-1 case fan controller provides system fans with 2 functions: semi-fanless and fan-delay. For semi-fanless function, COOLERGENIE allows users to adjust fanless setting for the case fans for absolute silent operation. The controller comes with 3 modes: Whisper (40% semi-fanless), Silence (55% semi-fanless), and Off mode (disabling fanless function and the fans will spin as per their original settings). As for fan-delay function, the idea is to keep both case fans and CPU cooler fans running for extra 40-60 seconds, after the system shutdown, to dissipate the remaining heat within the case and prolong the system's lifetime.

Extra 3x T.B.RGB Fans Included
In this TUF Gaming Alliance PSU product bundle, RevoBron TGA comes with extra 3x T.B.RGB fans (with 4 pin RGB header) for gamers to light up their gaming gear. Certified by ASUS AURA RGB synchronization, T.B.RGB fans allow users to select preferred RGB lighting effects via the motherboard software.

RevoBron TGA PSU series includes 3 models: 500W, 600W, and 700W; the TUF Gaming power supply will be available in August.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Soooo.... it's an ATX PSU? :laugh:

And is that "dust-free" spinup patented? Spinning the fans hard at first is old stuff, maybe not as long as 10 seconds... Is that the patent, or is it something else? Or have everyone shos ever used it licensed it?
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Frick, post: 3893532, member: 23907"
Soooo.... it's an ATX PSU?
I 2nd this cringeworthy stab.
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