Thursday, September 13th 2018

TechPowerUp and ECS LIVA Z2 Mini PC Giveaway: The Winners!

TechPowerUp and Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) brought you a unique opportunity to bring home a LIVA Z2 mini PC over the month. After sifting through hundreds of entries, we have a winner, who receives a LIVA Z2, which is primed to be an ideal, super-compact HTPC, or a space-saving desktop that you can tuck away behind your monitor! Some entries were disqualified for being additional ticket entries without following through with social-media sharing. Without further ado, the winner!
  • Mark from Michigan, USA
A huge Congratulations to you, Mark! TechPowerUp and ECS will return with more such interesting Giveaways!
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4 Comments on TechPowerUp and ECS LIVA Z2 Mini PC Giveaway: The Winners!

Congrats Mark, lucky you don't live O.S.
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Got this from a user
Would you mind clarifying this for the masses. ( a followup in your Winner post ) As to what was/went wrong.

You said, "some of which were disqualified for bring additional ticket entries that did not complete the social-media sharing"

I don't know how this played out on your end but my understanding is that if you enter the drawing you get 1 entry. If you complete the "likes" on other social media sites you get an additional entry for each site posted on, up to a limit of 4 additional entries.

What do you mean, "did not complete the social-media sharing"

I don't do social media, so how does one get the additional entries if they don't post and how is one given more entries than one completes?
The way I implemented it on TPU, to not require social media app permissions from user (ie so we can see everything you post at your wall), is that as soon as you click the button it records the extra ticket. No matter whether you actually share the link or just close the window immediately. Without asking for permission through e.g. Facebook API we have no way to know.

During the winner picking stage when an entry comes up with additional tickets I manually look for their social media account and take a quick look at the wall at the specified date to see if the sharing post exists or not. If not, disqualified, pick next random winner.
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I hope that didn't take very long!! @W1zzard , Hopefully only a couple!

I am unsure how long I could spend, searching for facebook shares! Sounds mind numbing!!

Regardless, Thanks for doing it properly, and for having these awesome Giveaways!

TPU ROCKS, thanks to you, and your mods. Also, a great group of user's. For the most part. There is always one or two that should be brought out behind the shed. :laugh:

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Hopefully only a couple!
Just very few. To clarify: i click "pick random winner", and the site spits out one entry. i check that, if disqualified i click the button again, otherwise that's the winner
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