Wednesday, December 19th 2018

Tesoro Announces the Gram MX One Keyboard, Launches December 24

Tesoro announced today the launch of their latest keyboard, the Gram MX One, in time for Christmas in North America. Indeed, the keyboard is slated to be available December 24 for those wanting a last minute gift, and is part of their popular GRAM series of keyboards. This means that the keyboard uses the same body and case as their Gram Spectrum or SE Spectrum (but not the XS, which uses low profile switches), in the usual black or white color options to choose from. Adding to the options list is a choice of genuine Cherry MX Blue or Brown mechanical switches, both in their non-RGB variant.

The Gram MX One has single color blue backlighting integrated, and uses a minimalist design for those wanting something simple and more affordable than many of the new keyboards released this year. Durability and build quality are emphasized by the company, with specific mentions on the use of doubleshot injected PBT keycaps that adopt the floating style design on a thick steel plate as seen below. Pre-programmed onboard functionality includes lighting effects, key assignment and macro recording. The keyboard measures 445 x 139 x 32 mm and weighs 1.2 Kg (2.65 lb), and there is no word on pricing at this point despite imminent release.

Update Dec 20:- MSRP of the Gram MX One is $79.99 as per Tesoro, and at launch the model available for purchase will be the white color, MX Brown switch variant only. Others will follow thereafter.
Source: Tesoro Facebook Page
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4 Comments on Tesoro Announces the Gram MX One Keyboard, Launches December 24

~Technological Technocrat~
that white keyboard looks so badass but it will look like a booger after a few days
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What's the point when this useless company NEVER offers their stuff in different regional layouts?
I waited for like three years, possibly more, for their alu keyboard to be available in czech variant, and they never bothered and even lied to me on multiple occasions that I just need to wait a little longer when I repeatedly asked them when.
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Nice colors needs cotton gloves for not turning black after 1 week.
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