Wednesday, February 7th 2007

Bill banning iPods and cellphones in NYC coming

Two recent deaths in New York City had a very interesting cause. A pedestrian was "listening to his iPod", and hence was not paying attention to important things that happen in the city, such as oncoming traffic. And so, senator Carl Kruger is proposing a ban of iPods and cell phones on the streets of New York. Of course, if the police of New York have a hard time enforcing J-walking laws, how will they enforce this law, if passed? Source: EnGadget
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As a new yorker i am not suprised. Someone in buffalo was trying to raise the age to buy violent video games to thirty not too long ago, but this is high quality. First off who does this guy think he is banning cell phones and ipods? People have been walking around listening to walkmans, cd players, and mp3 player for years with few incidents. One stupid person (who obviously deserved to die) is gonna ruin it for everyone? I believe in natural selection and this person obviously had it coming.

First you take away our right to smoke in bars now you're gonna make it illegal to listen to our music while walking? I hope the guy proposing this gets hit by a car (when he's not using a cell phone or ipod).
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I think that if you don't have the ability to listen to your ipod AND walk at the same time, then you got some serious problems.
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They have no right to pass that bill. Im sure it negates the constitution in some way.
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Jimmy 2004
Wtf? So wear headphones and be arrested? That's just stupid...

If you're stupid enough not to check the road properly that's your problem. Are they going to ban death people from the streets in New York at the same time?
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Bird of Prey
It does negate the constitution. However, our BoR is interpreted in so many ways, its not even funny. I dont think this should be made a law, but obviously, people need to learn to pay attention. Pedestrians always have the right of way, but honestly, we sometimes take that to the extreme. We feel people will just respect that and yield to us. Obviously, in this case, that didnt happen. I feel sorry for the person and their family; I just dont believe this is the best course of action.
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My stars went supernova
I still think you should be able to smoke in bars there too.
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this bill has potential to get passed since they have not just this incident but many others to add upto it , the other thing is streets are not our houses they are public areas and for the safety of all other people is always considered , enforcing this law will save the people driving the vehicle by whom these tards are getting hit by , form lawsuits form there family , the last thing i want is a moron walkign right infornt me listening to hsi ipod or talking cellphone and dies by getting my ass in a lawsuit.
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I can tell you right now that New York is a liberal haven. I personally think that you should be able to smoke in bars as well. People will get cancer anyway the air is so thick you can feel the change when you get off the plane/train/car.
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Semi-Retired Folder
Just another case of the Government ignoring personal responsibility and instead trying to ban something that wasn't the cause of an accident. Saddly, New York seems to be the one that starts this crap first and it catches on for whatever reason.

There are too many people in this country that think that everyone else should be protected from the things they don't like, and it is extremely annoying. What is more annoying is that there are too many people that actually listen to them when they talk.
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evil bill
WarEagleAU said:
Pedestrians always have the right of way, but honestly, we sometimes take that to the extreme. We feel people will just respect that and yield to us. .
This is true in the UK too, but if the US is anything like here it is something that many drivers are ignorant of, and think it is they in their 2 tonnes of steel who have the right of way. Lets face it, at 30MPH you aint gonna argue either :rolleyes:

I went out with a girl years ago who was driving along within the speed limit in a built up area when a drunk guy fell out between parked cars in front of her. He was killed, and she was understandably devastated. The police investigated and no charges were brought as it was pretty clear that this guy was so plastered he hadn't even seen the car. His family thought differently, and brought a private prosecution against her which was thrown out of court. She was only 18, and it haunted her, and whilst I felt for the family of the deceased, it sickened me that they managed to make an awful situation much worse.
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DaMulta said:
I still think you should be able to smoke in bars there too.
Aye, in my opinion Bars should have the right to choose if they wish to allow smoking or not.
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I listen to my mp3 when im riding my motorbike and I aint been ran over yet lol touch wood I wont but trying to bring a law in that forbids you doing that is absolute stupidity!

They should bring in a law like.... peados get kicked to death or such like!
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About bars and smoking, in Florida, you can get it, but you have to license. Resturants on the other hands, can't get it at all.

Now on this whole walking and music thing. If you are going to ban walking and listening to music, might as well band driving and listening to music to. Driving and talking on a cellphone I can understand a little, but seriously, that mans death was more or less his own fault. What was the speed limit in the area the guy was walking? For all we know the driver knew and tried to stop. Have you even been hit by a car going ten miles per hour? That shit hurts.
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LoL! This won't pass - if it does, then someone should pass a bill to ban all deaf people from walking the streets of NY.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
well i doubt this will go anywhere. and if it does pass i would imagine nobody will obey it. god i hate politicians. they think they know better than anyone else. its just like the seatbelt law. its only in place to save the govt money from people who die and the govt system has to pay through medicare. it will only get worse with a universal healthcare system. at that point anything deemed dangerous by our govt which has never dont anything wrong will be illegal. when will we americans rise up!!?!?!
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im sorry man i think england is f**ked up but you guys have some of dummest dicks ever in ur government lol nothing against americans in general cause i have a lot of american friends but some of the crap that spews out of there mouths :ohwell:

on a lighter note <<<< have a gander at those :laugh:
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Natural selection…let the weak and stupid weed themselves out. As long as they don’t hurt those who can fend and think for themselves in the process. Need I say more?;)
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Completely Bonkers
The guy is completely out of sensibility to try to introduce legislation like that. An awareness campaign to make people consider the dangers... just like health warnings on certain products... would be ok. But making it "illegal" to wear an ipod while crossing the road? Thanks bonkers!
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Wile E
Power User
Scavar said:
Have you even been hit by a car going ten miles per hour?
Yes I have.

Scavar said:
That shit hurts.
YES IT DOES! Steel doesn't give. lol
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Those are laws they will never get passed... I wouldn't even think twice about it.. Can you imagine the impact that would have on business.... Look at where we are talking about here... It's not going to happen.
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