Sunday, January 6th 2019

Nemeio Keyboard Implements E-ink Tech for Customization

French startup Nemeio debuted this CES with its first and namesake product, the Nemeio Keyboard, which the company proudly proclaims the "keyboard of the future." Keyboards with on-the-fly customizable keycaps date back to 2012 with the Art Lebdev keyboard, which uses colorful OLED keycaps so each key can be reprogrammed with a colorful keycap. The Nemeio Keyboard is similar in concept, but implements monochrome E-ink to draw the keycap marking, and common white LED as illumination.

E-ink is the same technology that drives popular e-readers such as Amazon Kindle. One advantage of E-ink over OLED would be persistence. The keyboard also locally stores customization, including keycap designs and their mapping. Nemeio predicts its keyboard will be a hit with multilingual environments, such as airport cafes, hotel business centers, or even large offices with diverse staff that need to use localized keysets; or even the content-creation industry. Nemeio Keyboard isn't yet in production. The company will crowdfund mass-production in 2019. Donors in the 300-500 EUR range could get one first.
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2 Comments on Nemeio Keyboard Implements E-ink Tech for Customization

As it's ANSI layout, it won't work properly with most ISO language layouts, which makes it a bit useless imho.
Can't say it looks very comfortable to type on for that matter.
I can't see too many people spending that much on a keyboard for that matter.
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That price tho :laugh:
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