Tuesday, February 13th 2007

Virgin Planning iTunes for Games

Companies like Steam (and now EA) have already begun distributing their games by allowing users to download them, but Virgin is hoping to launch its own online game distribution service as the gaming equivalent of iTunes. "This is a really exciting development for us, as it gives us the opportunity to do for PC Games what iTunes has done for music," said Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin. "The GDI technology will revolutionise how the mass market will play games, and will give them more choice for less money." The services will be called A World Of My Own (AWOMO), and should launch towards the end of 2007. Publishers that are interested in the service so far are EA, Ubisoft and Deep Silver, although no agreements have actually been reached yet.Source: Monsters and Critics.com
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I think there was a Game-On-Demand Service in Germany were you paid like 5€ (just guessing) so you can play the game for 10 day (also guessing) a few years ago, obviously that didn't make it :x

Note: You only downloaded some basic installer and all other contents were streamed so you didn't get to download the whole game.
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Bird of Prey
If they offer some cool games, this would be awesome. I hope its a pay per game download and not a subscription service. Virgin games didnt make millions of games I dont think.
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