Tuesday, February 13th 2007

Microsoft Moves DRM to Mobiles

Digital Rights Management, the technology that prevents people who download music from sharing it, is soon going to find its way onto mobiles. PlayReady, as it is known, is a new DRM which allows for subscription, rental, pay-per-view and the mysterious “super-distribution.” Although is has been written by Microsoft, it will not only work with Microsoft’s own media formations but other standards including AAC and H.264. PlayReady is backwards compatible with Windows Media DRM 10, so it should allow any mobile devices that use it to play music they’ve already downloaded using services such as Napster. There isn’t any information about whether Microsoft intends to license PlayReady to other vendors yet, or whether it will be seen on desktops or not.Source: Engadget
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I thought we came to the conclusion that DRM is uncool? :x
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Jimmy 2004
kakazza said:
I thought we came to the conclusion that DRM is uncool? :x
The only good thing about this is that you can use your mobile to play some protected content.
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Howcome this sounds like big brother is watching you - the sequel. Havea funny feeling that there is some phone home feature, that once you start playing something it send info on what you are listening and where. Then soon an add will follow "special offer just for you, download now for 9,99$"..
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Heedless Psychic
Screw all this protection crap. I dont want my puter infested with anything, its MY puter, I alone have the rights to say who uses whats on it, not the corporates, after all I bought it.
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Bird of Prey
Yeah, I thought so too, but apparently microshaft is sticking it to us again.
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Completely Bonkers

You have to see where the industry IS GOING (or rather, where the big corps would like it to go). Soon, you wont buy hardware at all... you'll buy a license to use it. And then they can monitor, and restrict, anything. We will all be saps to the corporate totalitarian regime.
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