Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Philips Announces the E9 Series Curved Monitors

Today EPI, who holds all Philips-branded home and personal audio licensing worldwide, unveiled three new curved monitors as part of its E9 Series - inviting users to experience the ultimate in real immersion with stunning picture quality and new, built-in speakers. Perfect for home entertainment or at the office, the Philips E9 Series includes the 32" Ultra-Wide Color QHD monitor (328E9FJAB), and the Philips 32" (328E9QJAB) and 27'' Ultra-Wide Color LCD monitors (278E9QJAB). The new collection is now available on Amazon. The 328E9FJAB is $349.99 MSRP, the 328E9QJAB is $249.99 MSRP and the 278E9QJAB is $215.99.

The new displays all feature Ultra-Wide Color Technology which means a wider spectrum of colors, including vivid reds and deep blues, that deliver a more brilliant picture that comes to life on screen. The ultra-narrow borders and curved design allow for minimum distractions, maximum viewing size and enhanced productivity. Ultranarrow borders are ideal for multi-display or tiling set-up with gaming, graphic design and professional applications - making it feel like one large display.
The new Philips 32" Curved Quad HD monitor features 2560 x 1440 pixels and its optimized pixel management technology gives you 178/178 degree extra wide viewing angle, resulting in crisp, bright, stunning images and graphics. The Philips 32" and 27'' Full HD LCD monitors with 1920 x 1080 pixels allow for a completely immersive experience. The enhanced quality of the 16.9 Full HD resolution delivers true-to-life pictures with crisp details, incredible contrast and stunning visuals.

The new monitors utilize high performance panels with high density pixel count, enabled by high bandwidth sources like DisplayPort, HDMI, and Dual link DVI that are critical for professional applications. Philips also packed its E9 Series with exclusive features, including its LowBlue mode and Flicker-Free technology. Philips LowBlue Mode uses a smart software technology to reduce potentially harmful blue light and Philips Flicker-Free technology regulates brightness to reduce flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience.

All Philips models sold in the U.S. come with an industry-leading 4-year advance replacement warranty. Units sold in Canada are covered by a 4-year warranty with the exception of the advance replacement portion.
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6 Comments on Philips Announces the E9 Series Curved Monitors

I think curved design only works best on 21:9 format of monitors...
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I wonder whats ultra-wide color exactly. :D
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not even 144hz from what i read. hard pass.
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32" is already pushing it for 1440p when it comes to PPI (definitely softer and not as sharp as 27"), so why on earth they're putting out a 32" @ 1080p is beyond me!! That will be truly awful.
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Wait, what? 1080p on a 32 inch? It might have made some sense if this was something like a 240Hz "OMG GaM3rZ" monitor, but it certainly isn't.
I sure hope Philips makes a 40"+, 120Hz 2160p screen, I would buy it instantly as an replacement for my beloved BDM4065. Pretty please, Philips?
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