Thursday, February 15th 2007

OCZ Introduces the Equalizer 2500 DPI Laser Mouse

OCZ Technology Group, today unveiled their plans to introduce gaming peripherals, and offer the best gaming mouse on the market. The new OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is sure to excite today’s demanding gamers with its unique features, high performance engine, and competitive edge. Designed to give gamers an extra edge, the Equalizer features quality ergonomics and advanced features so gamers can excel in even the most demanding games.

“OCZ’s goal is to constantly develop new cutting edge solutions that make use of the latest technology to offer a superior user experience whether it is editing CAD files or playing the latest games,” said Alex Mei, VP of Marketing, OCZ Technology. “OCZ has been a leader in gaming components for many years, and we are excited about our expansion into peripherals with the introduction of the new Equalizer gaming mouse which is armed with sophisticated features and superior performance to deliver a premium gaming experience to consumers.”

Gaming in extremely large resolutions and fast paced battles requires a high speed, ready-for-anything mouse. The OCZ Equalizer provides six DPI sensitivity levels (400-2500) and allows gamers to seamlessly transition between each setting in the midst of a battle with a conveniently placed button. The Equalizer’s scroll wheel displays a different color LED for each DPI setting to provide instant visual confirmation of the chosen sensitivity level.

Implementing the OCZ Equalizer’s deadly 2500 DPI optimizes the fluidity of gameplay on high resolution LCDs. Hardcore gamers that play the latest First Person Shooter titles will benefit from the lightening fast speed that 2500 DPI provides.

The Equalizer features the innovative OCZ “Triple Threat” button. Gamers can fire three times with just one click making it easier than ever to hit the target and gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, the ingenious Triple Threat button is a useful tool in everyday computing by turning double-click operations, such as opening files and applications, into just one-touch commands.

Thanks to a dual laser engine and extremely responsive sensor array, the OCZ Equalizer promotes pinpoint accuracy and precision and enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces, including glass tabletops. For Gamers on-the-go this is an important feature.

The Equalizer’s ergonomic design features a comfortable, no-slip grip and the always useful back and forward buttons. As a Plug and Play mouse, the Equalizer is ready to take on your next battle right out of the box. The OCZ Equalizer will be available in two configurations, Desktop and Mobile model, depending on the user’s preference for portability and size.

As an added bonus, each mouse includes OCZ Equalware software which provides a complete keyboard simulation interface for total customization of your favorite gaming commands. Each OCZ Equalizer is backed by an industry-leading 6 Year Warranty for unparalleled peace of mind.

For more information on the OCZ Equalizer Gaming Mouse Series, please click here.Source: OCZ Technology
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7 Comments on OCZ Introduces the Equalizer 2500 DPI Laser Mouse

Wile E
Power User
Looks great, but how much?
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"Gamers can fire three times with just one click making it easier than ever to hit the target and gain a competitive advantage."

Does that count as a macro and is legal in esport leagues or is that prohibited? Anyone knows?
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ebuprofen said:
it looks just like A4Tech X-7 series mouse :laugh:
i have this one and it fits my hand very nice :toast: i've got it in my country for $18:laugh:
nooo you beat me too it i was gonna say it looks very similar too :D now there are MUCH more gaming mice before there was only logitech and razer i got the a4tech x-718 :D
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Bird of Prey
Thats a hot looking mouse. Blue has always been my favorite color! Id like to know how much they are as well. OCZ is branching out into alot of areas and making a resounding STOMP on other categories. Good for them!
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that is the a4tech mouse.. no doubt in my mind. I own one and it owns.. but bleh... i wouldn't buy this 'version' simply cause it'l come with a much higher pricetag than the a4tech. (25 bucks on directron)
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