Thursday, May 9th 2019

Enermax Unveils T.B.RGB AD Fan Sets

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, introduces T.B.RGB AD., the advanced version of T.B.RGB fan series. Since the launch in December 2017, the T.B. RGB fans have got much recognition and admiration for its unique illumination and silent cooling performance among the RGB enthusiasts. In addition to the incredible lighting effects and quiet operation, this new advanced version supports addressable RGB (aka ARGB) lighting sync with motherboards from major brands, including ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI. T.B.RGB AD. fan will be available in 3-Fan Pack only.

With the unique halo arc-shaped frame structure of the predecessor, T.B.RGB AD. creates the gorgeous 4-ring ARGB lighting effects to glitter the system. Featuring patented ENERMAX LED LIGHTING technology, the ENERMAX's ARGB fan provides consistent and uniform luminance. Moreover, the brilliant ARGB fan supports lighting synchronization with motherboards that have 4-pin addressable RGB header (The header pin assignment is +5V/D/-/G).
Patented Twister Bearing Technology and Smart PWM Function
Patented Twister Bearing technology enables T.B.RGB AD. fan to offer long life and almost inaudible operation. What's more, with PWM control function, T.B.RGB AD. is able to deliver a perfect balance between silence and cooling performance.

2 Ways to Control RGB Lighting Effects
The triple fan pack comes with ENERMAX integrated RGB control box; through the control box, users can select their preferred lighting effects out of 10 pre-set modes, brightness and speed. Furthermore, for those whose motherboards support addressable RGB lighting sync, they can choose the desired lighting effects through the motherboard software.

T.B.RGB AD. will be available in May 2019. For more information, visit the product page.
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1 Comment on Enermax Unveils T.B.RGB AD Fan Sets

Nice looking fans, good to see SOMEONE is thinking "outside the box" i.e..... getting rid of all the unnecessary plastic framing material and only using what is absolutely needed to ensure stability & minimal vibrations while also ensuring a solid mounting system...

The only question now is: HOW MUCH is all this thinkin gonna cost us ??????

Well, da 'Zon has a 3-pack of the old model at $56, so I'm guessin these would run ~$65-70 ???
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