Wednesday, May 29th 2019

Seasonic CORE TUF Gaming Alliance PSUs Pictured

Back in 2017, Seasonic introduced its CORE line of mainstream PSUs with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. In 2019, the company wants to win more mainstream consumers, and hence unveiled a new line of CORE series PSUs boasting of 80 Plus Gold efficiency, partially/fully modular cabling, and ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance co-branding. The new 2019 CORE series come in various mid-range capacities starting from 450W, to 550W, 650W, leading up to 750W. The ones shown at Computex were 450W with partially-modular cabling and 650W with fully-modular cabling.

The new CORE series PSUs are built with compact 14 cm long bodies, and a new 120 mm fan that can stay completely off under a load/temperature threshold. The innards of these PSUs are new, with a few segment-first features such as DC-to-DC switching, and tight (±4%) voltage regulation across all three domains. There is a single +12V rail design, and an active-PFC component. Most common electrical protections are included, such as over/under-voltage, overload, overheat, and short-circuit protection. Seasonic is backing these PSUs with 7-year warranties.
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8 Comments on Seasonic CORE TUF Gaming Alliance PSUs Pictured

TPU addict
OOh shame on them no naked pics, as without them it just looks like just like another PSU.
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how much is the Asus TUF licensing costing the consumer?
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A better buy is a Seasonic Focus (10 year warranty) or a Prime (12 year warranty).
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Not sure I like seeing the TUF brand on a Seasonic product. I feel like the Seasonic brand is cheapened by tacking on Asus’ TUF.
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The design not like TUF :roll: :roll:
But since it's seasonic i expect something good
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They should rename it to TUS

The Ultimate Sellout.

Butt ugly product line spreading like wildfire. Weird stuff.
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Butt ugly product line spreading like wildfire. Weird stuff.
It used to at least be decent quality. Recently though the brand has been a dumpster fire honestly.
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Raven Rampkin
...unveiled Seasonic Core in 2017? Where? o_O Can't see past their 2005 design S12III and leftover S12II units...
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