Thursday, May 30th 2019

Phanteks at COMPUTEX 2019: AMP Series PSUs and Glacier Coolers, Evolv Speaker

Phanteks at Computex 2019 announced a partnership with Season in delivering their AMP series of PSUs. The AMP Series features a Hybrid Silent Fan Control that achieves optimal cooling with temperature-controlled fan speed and fan-less mode for silent performance. The high powered, compact design of the AMP series provides up to 750 watts in 140mm using modular, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, black, flat power cables. The AMP Series PSU are "Revolt Pro Link certified", validated to ensure 100% compatibility, reliability, and stability by Phanteks to work with the Revolt Pro expandable PSU.
550W - Available: mid August
MSRP: $89.99 / €89,90

650W - Available: mid August
MSRP: $99.99 / €99,90

750W - Available: mid August
MSRP: $109.99 / €109,90

Water-cooling - Best of the best
Phanteks will be releasing a full range of products to the Glacier Series. The new Glacier D140 will be the first universal water distribution plate designed by Phanteks to be easily installed on any case with a 140mm fan area on the rear with 7 PCI slots. The Glacier D140 distro plate simplifies your routing to make it easier to create amazing water-cooling loops and with the integrated D-RGB adds extra flare to your custom build.
The Glacier series introduces the R160C and R220C, a reservoir solution with DDC pump mount for your water-cooling needs. The R160/220C features a new transparent backplate and integrated D-RGB to create a more stunning look to your build. The Glacier C360i and C360a water-blocks are also revealed this year to complement Intel's and AMD's new processors. Newly designed Glacier C360i and C360a blocks feature a full cover design, integrated D-RGB and comes with interchangeable cover plates (Black/Chrome). Complementing the Glacier (Asus ROG) Extreme Dominus kit, set for launch in June, Phanteks is expanding the extreme motherboard cooling solutions with the Gigabyte Aorus Extreme kit. This is a complete kit for the Gigabyte Aorus Extreme motherboard existing of a CPU water-block and a custom VRM water-block. Lastly, GPU blocks will now be available for the new SUS ROG STRIX 2070/2060 RTX and the AMD Radeon VII. Both include integrated D-RGB and are full cover water-blocks.

Glacier ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme Available: June
Gigabyte Aorus Extreme Kit Available: early August

MSRP: $369.99 / €369,90

Glacier C360i/C360a - Available: early August
MSRP: $79.99 / €79,90

Glacier G2070 Strix /2060 Strix / Glacier Radeon VII - Available: mid June
MRSP: $149.99 / €149,90

Glacier D140 - Available : end July
MSRP: $99.99 / €99,90

Glacier R160C/R220C - Available end July
MSRP: $79.99 / €79,90 (R160C)
MSRP: $89.99 / €89,90

PROJECT: Evolv speakers
By popular demand, the "Evolv Speaker" project has been set in motion and will be developed for mass production. The speakers share a similar design language as Phanteks' well known Evolv series chassis and have Digital RGB lighting integrated. They are powered by USB and are perfect to be placed in space saving work spaces or for carrying around.
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7 Comments on Phanteks at COMPUTEX 2019: AMP Series PSUs and Glacier Coolers, Evolv Speaker

So I would take it as they're not promoting them as GOLD+ they're just 80 Bronze... really sad!
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So I would take it as they're not promoting them as GOLD+ they're just 80 Bronze... really sad!
Yes, the AMP series PSUs are 80Plus Gold.
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i dunno why phanteks making usb speaker, usb powered with RGB effect looks nice but not for sound quality (many usb powered speaker has bad or so so sound quality )
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John Naylor
So I would take it as they're not promoting them as GOLD+ they're just 80 Bronze... really sad!
Just wanna make sure folks recognize that the "metal" rating has nothing to do with product performance ... it's merely an indicator of how much you spend on electricity. Not that this aspect should go ignored, but most folks equate the 80 plus rating with power quality and there is no direct relationship between the two. Also recognize that PSUs are most efficient at 50% load.

What uses more power ? ... a 1000 watt Bronze PSU 50% load or a 500 watt Silver PSU at 100% load ? They both use exactly the same:

1000 watt Bronze PSU Efficiency = 85% @ 50% Load, 82% @ 100% Load
50% Load = 1000 watts x 50% / 0.85 = 588 watts "at the wall"

500 watt SilverPSU Efficiency = 88% @ 50% Load, 85% @ 100% Load
50% Load = 500 watts x 100% / 0.85 = 588 watts "at the wall"

The original Phanteks Revolt Pro series was built on, IIRC, the Seasonic Platinum Prime platform ... and the Revolt X on the Seasonoc Gold Plus

The TPU article describes this series as "80 Plus Gold efficiency "

Given the pricing, $89, $99, and $109 for 550W, 650W, and 750W model respectively. ... that's pretty much identical to Seasonic Focus Plus Gold line which also features the hybrid fan technology. While we used to keep a host of different manufacturer / model lines on our recommended list, I find it hard, outside a huge sale, to grab anything else but the Focus Plus Gold series ... no matter who sellss it.
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John Naylor
The TPU article describes this series as "80 Plus Gold efficiency"
Okay I did not see that in my the initial read... Sorry, just just flows in the sentence. So thank you for pointing it out!

Probably why I personally have been a Seasonic owner on the last couple of builds. Though one machine still has a 550W PC Power & Cooling that's like 2010 vintage, just one of the best PSU you could go with back in the day
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Why can't we just refer to "distro plates" by their real, globally known name that's been in use for nearly 100 years....... Say it with me folks: Manifold
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