Thursday, May 30th 2019

Cougar at COMPUTEX 2019: Conquer 2, Gemini S, Gemini M, and Blazer Essence Chassis

Cougar at COMPUTEX 2019 showcased their newest iteration of the Conquer chassis. Christened the Conquer 2, this is more than simply a revision of their Conquer chassis, featuring modernized, almost "sci-fiyei" looks illuminated by the company's orange toning (selectable and changeable with their Trelux RGB lighting system). The Conquer 2 features a detachable sub-chassis so that users can mount components on the exterior of the chassis' carcass for easier access and installation. The Conquer 2 keeps support for 360 mm radiators despite these design characteristics, and is a case that's sure to draw attention wherever it stands.

The Gemini S and Gemini M cases are cut from the same cloth, only they use cloths of different sizes to cater to users' desire in terms of available volume for their PC. Interestingly, the Gemini S is the bigger of the two systems, supporting up to E-ATX systems, while the Gemini M only supports Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. Both feature side windows and Cougar's Trelux RGB system.
The Blazer Essence is an interesting case from a design perspective; Cougar have been throwing home-runs with the audacity of their designs. The 4 mm tempered glass side window and overall metal detailing just exude design, and the company's black and orange color scheme looks right at home in this build. It still enables support for up to 310 mm GPUs and a single 240 mm radiator.
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2 Comments on Cougar at COMPUTEX 2019: Conquer 2, Gemini S, Gemini M, and Blazer Essence Chassis

I've got a Conquer 1 and this new one doesn't quite fit. They shouldn't have added that orange panel that cuts through the viewing area as it defeats the purpose of an open case like that.
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If Cougar is going for the ugliest case award, they are likely to win first prize..
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