Monday, June 10th 2019

GIGABYTE Announces the AORUS KD25F Gaming Monitor

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, launched a tactical monitor made for FPS gamers, the AORUS KD25F Tactical Monitor. AORUS KD25F is a 24.5 inch Full HD (1920x1080 resolution, 16:9 ratio) monitor using a TN panel with ultra-fast liquid crystal technology which increases the panel response rate up to 70% giving the panel have an incredible response time of 0.5ms (MPRT). Along with a 240 Hz refresh rate, this monitor is the perfect monitor for FPS gaming as gamers will love the smoothness and responsiveness of the monitor. Also, this TN panel is an 8-bit panel with 100% sRGB which is really rare for an TN panel since TN panels are known for their bad color. Want to have the perfect FPS experience with excellent color? KD25F is your answer.

AORUS KD25F shares the same design as the World's First Tactical Monitor AD27QD. Digital LED lighting, the full function stand, frameless design, and a built-in power board are the same as the first monitor. PiP/PbP can put 2 pictures in one screen and you can switch the audio channel to the source you want, making this monitor extra flexible for different needs. The hardware itself is amazing enough but the addition of its software features makes it incredible. Aim Stabilizer, customized crosshair, the exclusive ANC function, having all of these features in a monitor like this makes you the king of the battlefield.
Gamers can use the joystick on the monitor to control the OSD but as an alternative, they can use the OSD Sidekick software to adjust the parameters with the keyboard and mouse, letting you see the change you can adjust on the fly. AORUS KD25F supports 2 HDMI, 1 DP, 2 USB 3.0, a microphone jack and an audio jack. With the live update feature that OSD Sidekick provides, you can always update the latest features released by AORUS to you monitor.

AORUS' tactical features are explained below:
  • Black Equalizer:Brightens up the dark parts in the picture for better visibility in dark areas.
  • Aim Stabilizer:This feature will help you reduce the blurriness of the recoil effects while you are shooting in an FPS game. It can also help you trace moving enemies much easier.
  • GameAssist:This is a kit of OSD functions that helps you in game. It includes a customizable crosshair, a counter, a timer, and multi-screen alignment lines.
  • AORUS Dashboard:We can display hardware information directly on screen, such as mouse DPI and GPU/CPU information.
  • OSD Sidekick:You can now control the monitor through this software and control your OSD with mouse and keyboard. A much easier way to adjust your monitor.
  • Active Noise Cancelling(ANC):When you plug your mic into the monitor, it can help you cancel the noise around you. The only thing that goes through the mic when you are communicating with your teammate is your voice.
For more information, visit the product page.
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9 Comments on GIGABYTE Announces the AORUS KD25F Gaming Monitor

1080p TN panel? Seriously? What the F are the manufacturers thinking? It's starting to feel like a bad joke lately.
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Octopuss said:

1080p TN panel? Seriously? What the F are the manufacturers thinking? It's starting to feel like a bad joke lately.
Well, some people prefer high refresh rate compared to a high quality or high resolution panel.
If the price is right, I'm sure it'll be popular with a lot of FPS only type gamers.
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Whats with that ugly pre-historic abortionish Transformer-looking stand thingy on the back ? Is that supposed to scare other gamers into submission or something..... looks really, really, really stupid to me...

fail :(
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Octopuss said:

1080p TN panel? Seriously? What the F are the manufacturers thinking? It's starting to feel like a bad joke lately.
Guys, again bashing TN? How many times we have to repeat that TN is basically for people that take multiplayer shooters seriously and want to be competitive? Last time I tried to play Quake on IPS panel I got a headache in 10 minutes with all the blur fest, it didn´t even seem the same game. Every single fast mouse movement = blurry image, it was shocking.

For Witcher 3 or Tomb raider, yeah IPS or VA defo, even prefer VA tbh due to the contrast. But for online gaming TN is king and only Oled/Micro led can kill it. Pixel response time and motion clarity are everything on those situations, so the 240hz TN makes sense for people that play those games. Apex, Quake, Black Ops 4, battalion, etc.
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i think 240Hz TN monitor can be named as "Esport monitors"
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:D RGB on the back, they should put it on the bezel
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Octopuss said:

You again.
Yeah and I will be around here all the time as long as people still have a narrow tunneled vision and only care about their own use scenarios.
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