Friday, June 28th 2019

Thermaltake Announces H Series Cases with Tempered Glass

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear and Enthusiast Memory solutions, launches the brand new H Series Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Chassis. The H Series comes in three different models: H100 TG, H200 TG RGB, and H200 TG Snow RGB. The budget friendly H Series is made with high quality tempered glass windows and features modern minimalist designs. The front panel of the sleek black H100 TG chassis is embedded with a bold blue LED light strip to create a simple yet striking appearance.

The H200 TG RGB features a black front panel with a unique RGB bar running down the side. The H200 TG Snow RGB chassis comes with a snow white front panel that is composed with a strategically placed RGB bar for a clean and futuristic presentation. 19 RGB lighting effects can be controlled with a specially designed RGB control button. The H Series Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Chassis provides excellent cooling capabilities and are all pre-installed with one 120 mm fan. PC DIY enthusiasts can get creative and install liquid cooling components to create their own signature look.
Individual Features of the H100 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Chassis:
Minimalist Front Panel Style
The sleek front panel is embedded with a blue LED stripe light to show a simple yet striking PC design.

Individual Features of the H200 TG RGB and H200 TG Snow RGB Mid-Tower Chassis:
Classic Design with RGB Light Bar Front Panel
With a unique RGB light bar, the front panel reveals a smooth and elegant style.

RGB Control Button
A specially designed RGB control button provides users 19 light effect selections.

Features of the H100 TG, H200 TG RGB, and H200 TG Snow RGB Mid-Tower Chassis:
Built-in PSU Cover
Comes with a full-length PSU cover with a ventilated design to enhance the airflow and hide those unsightly cables.

Tempered Glass Window
The tempered glass window is designed for the stunning view of the case and also secures the inner components. The H series is built to be more durable, scratch resistant and, of course, easy-to-use.

Superior Hardware Support
The H series provides outstanding expandability with support for a tower CPU cooler with maximum height of 180 mm, a dual VGA expansion slot of up to 320 mm in length, and a power supply with lengths up to 160 mm (with 3.5" HDD Drive installed) and up to 220 mm otherwise.

Excellent Cooling Capability
Optimized for excellent cooling capability with one 120 mm fan preinstalled. The case is able to house up to dual 140 mm or three 120 mm front fans, up to 2x 140 mm fans on top, and a radiator size up to 240 mm on top to allow users to build a desired high-end system.

Handy I/O Ports
Two 3.0 USB ports on top-front panel to grant direct access when needed.

For more details on the H Series Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Chassis, please visit: these pages: H100 TG, H200 TG RGB, H200 TG Snow RGB
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5 Comments on Thermaltake Announces H Series Cases with Tempered Glass

Is there some sort of agreement among computer case manufacturers that "Hx00" is the best possible naming scheme for this type of product? This is getting ridiculous.
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I find this lack of airflow... disturbing
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~Technological Technocrat~
Fractal called...

And they want their Define S2 back

Posted on Reply
FreedomEclipseFractal called...

And they want their Define S2 back

The S2 obviously has a lot better airflow than this TT case.
Posted on Reply
And Fractal say to TT.....

Nobody sux like we do and gets to live to tell about it, hehehe :roll:
Posted on Reply
May 28th, 2022 10:09 EDT change timezone

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