Wednesday, February 21st 2007

EB Games: 'Trade the past, play the future'

EB Games, in order to boost Nintendo DS Lite sales, started a new viral advertising campaign. They are offering cash and a DS for you to trade in your old handheld consoles. This includes the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS, and the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Source: 1Up
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8 Comments on EB Games: 'Trade the past, play the future'

Bird of Prey
If I had a GBA I would definately trade it in for a DS Lite...those things are fun as hell.
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Ahahah trade-ins are such a ripoff. $100 for your PSP? **** gamestop. A PSP is far more advanced than a DS Lite.
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why would you even want to trade in a psp
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I'll sell my PSP....and a game...for 200$...maybe...
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I would never trade a PSP for DS Lite, period. They are simple to different in my opinion to warrant it.
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im selling a psp on ebay
$140 australian atm...i found it :D
no games/charger though :(
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Knows what makes you tick
I don't know about ripping on the DS. I have played the PSP and I own a DS lite. I LOVE the DS, but I don't like the PSP.

The DS is something that you have to own in order to get in to.
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Great, we can all trade in our old game systems for a fraction of the price we bought them for!
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