Sunday, October 6th 2019

Antec Announces DP501 White Gaming Chassis

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, announces a white version of the Dark Phantom DP501. The case delivers a combination of understated Gaming looks, versatile build options with an affordable price. Its aesthetics will appeal to gamers and enthusiasts who prefer a functional appearance. The DP501 White features an understated ARGB blade on the front panel which makes it the perfect choice for Gamers and Enthusiasts who prefer a plain design over flashy elements, while its mesh design provides better systematic airflow. The DP501 White will soon reach store shelves and online retail outlets in US with a competitive MSRP of 84.99 USD (DP501 Black: 69.99 USD).

Both models feature a robust cooling system to be prepared for demanding gaming action. The white mid-tower comes with four pre-installed white 120 mm fans (fan in the rear features white LED). The chassis offers space for additional two 120 mm or two 140 mm fans on the top. The frame measures 443 x 210 x 484 mm (D x W x H) and supports ATX, ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards as well as graphics cards with a maximum length of 360 mm and power supplies with a maximum length of 160 mm.
Furthermore, the DP501 White offers space for two convertible 2.5" / 3.5" HDDs and four 2.5" SDDs as well as seven expansion slots. The thought-out case allows for installing a 360 mm radiator in the front, one 280 mm radiator on the top and a 120 mm radiator in the rear. The magnetic dust filters at the top and bottom can be removed for extra airflow and easy maintenance.

Different from other similar cases, the DP501 White features an embedded tempered glass panel design, which leads to a sleek and well-shaped body without any unnecessary part. The other function of the side panel is to support the weight of the tempered glass, preventing it from breaking on account of physical impact or accidents. The front bezel features two USB 3.0 slots, Power, Reset and Mode button as well as MIC / AUDIO.

An inbuilt ARGB module allows for changing the lighting of the blade - simply connect the module with the LED Mode button for direct LED mode control. In order to control the ARGB signal, connect the module with the motherboard for changing 16.8 million possible colors in sync. The enclosed cable is for Gigabyte motherboard use only (excluding Z390). The DP501 is backed by Antec's Quality 2-Year Warranty.

For additional product information, please visit the product page.
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6 Comments on Antec Announces DP501 White Gaming Chassis

I wish this was a mini atx size case
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wow 4 fans and pretty good price.
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Where are the fans meant to pull air from?
Another one for the heattrap pile.
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Actually not half bad from Antec this time IMO. Fits like a glove in Ikea-furnished rooms.
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MazeFrame, post: 4128764, member: 186115"
Where are the fans meant to pull air from?
Another one for the heattrap pile.
There's likely a gap at the base of the front panel. Looks quite restrictive, none-the-less.
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I really want Antec to do well, because more competition and choice is never a bad thing - plus I have nostalgic memories of 20 years ago when Antec were one of the very few decent case and power supply makers.

This is just a lame fustercluck of oxymorons though:
  • Understated, yet animated RGBLED rainbow vomit spewing from a form-over-function random gash in the front.
  • "Dark" Phantom, yet white paint all over. Uh, okaaaay then....
  • Gaming, yet near-zero intake on the front panel. The ONE thing a gaming case needs is good cooling. Everything else is irrelevant if it stifles airflow.
Antec aren't doing well in the DIY market, and when you add the list of things above to last-decade cable management, old-tech 3-pin fans and controller, clearance issues for longer PSUs, and a pricetag that's 20% higher than the less-flawed competition, it's really not much of a surprise.

Come on Antec - some of us still like you; don't shoot yourselves in the foot!

MEC-777, post: 4128841, member: 173384"
There's likely a gap at the base of the front panel. Looks quite restrictive, none-the-less.
If it's based on the Dark Fleet 500 that it looks very similar too (different fascia only) then there are no filters in the front because that teeny tiny bit of mesh is all the intake there is, with the bottom actually sealed. Antec can save a buck on filters if they don't have any intake vents that need filtering, right?!

At any rate, the DF500 was universally panned by reviewers for being all show and no go. It had abysmal cooling performance for any radiators in the front. The only real intake is the mesh under the hard disk cage, where there's no room for a fan. Doh!
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