Thursday, October 10th 2019

TSMC September 2019 Revenue Report

TSMC today announced its net revenues for September 2019: On a consolidated basis, revenues for September 2019 were approximately NT$102.17 billion, a decrease of 3.7 percent from August 2019 and an increase of 7.6 percent from September 2018. Revenues for January through September 2019 totaled NT$752.75 billion, an increase of 1.5 percent compared to the same period in 2018.
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3 Comments on TSMC September 2019 Revenue Report

Spencer LeBlanc
752 billion dollars.. Holy sh##
NT$ stands for New Taiwan Dollar.
NT$752 is roughly 25bln USD.
TSMC's revenue is basically half of Intels and double of Nvidia + AMD.
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With TSMC shipping out the 7nm+ EUV chips, I wonder if that will increase their profits as they take aim at Samsung's EUV process. Either way H1 2020 should have some new devices using this technology and hopefully drop some prices due to competition.
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