Saturday, February 24th 2007

Sun Microsystems turned 25 today - Congratulations!

25 years ago, the newly founded Sun Microsystems company introduced the first prototype of their workstation to the world. In between these 25 years Sun developed not only the Java technology but contributed to Unix (developed their own Unix: Solaris), designed the Sparc processors, and whatnot. It was quite a successful approach, 11 years after the foundation in 1993 Sun had already shipped over 1 million systems to their customers. Java is everywhere you look and OpenOffice (the former StarOffice) is getting more and more satisfied users.
Therefore Sun, we wish all the best for the next coming decades!

You want to read more about Sun's last 25 years: Official 25 year timelineSource: Sun Microsystems and Sun Germany
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3 Comments on Sun Microsystems turned 25 today - Congratulations!

Happy birthday Sun Microsystems LOL
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ooo is there cake? :p

never tried out solaris but i hear its pretty nifty java is fun tho :)
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Bird of Prey
Go SUN! Happy 25th, oh and Im older than you by 3 years :) ::muhaha::
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